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Facebook groups are all the rage right now. They’re great for interacting with other entrepreneurs, bouncing ideas off one another, and gaining new clients, customers, or loyal blog readers. What’s also great is that they’re customizable and can cater to any niche, interest, or industry.

As an entrepreneur you’re likely already in a Facebook group designed to help you make connections and strengthen your skills in a particular area of business. Hey, I’m in a bunch of those too and they’ve proven to be very helpful. But what I’ve been noticing is that although these groups have members from all over the world, most members seem to be based in the United States. I’ve learned from and have made great connections with lady bosses in the US and I’ll continue to do so. But I also want to create an online space for where Canadian lady bosses can come together to share ideas, collaborate, and build meaningful relationships with one another. Enter…The Hustle!

The Hustle is a new free Facebook group for Canadian lady bloggers, lady bosses, and lady bosses in the making. In addition to sharing ideas, collaborating, and building relationships with other maple syrup loving, igloo building, hockey playing, ketchup chip eating (I could go on forever) entrepreneurs, this Facebook group will be filled with:

  • Free online monthly trainings to help you grow different areas of business
  • Opportunities to promote your brand and gain new clients
  • The potential to meet local accountability partners to help keep you on track with your goals
  • Round the clock support

Doors to The Hustle are now open! Fill out the form below for access.