Writing, collecting images, and scheduling Instagram content can be time consuming. And let’s face it; you’re not in the business of social media marketing. You’re a fierce entrepreneur who knows marketing your blog or biz through Instagram is a great way to connect with your online audience and introduce them to your products and services, but you just don’t know what the heck to post. Every. Single. Day. And yes, posting at least once a day is key!

Instead of spending countless hours trying to come up with engaging daily content, scrounging around for the perfect image to go along with your post, and simply going bonkers because you’re spending too much time worrying about social media and not enough time fine tuning your products and services, let’s combine forces and make your life a whole lot easier!

Enter…The Strategic Charm Takeover! No, I’m not planning on taking over the world…yet. But, I am planning on taking over your Instagram feed!


Gone will be the days of you worrying what the heck to post on Instagram week to week. With The Strategic Charm Takeover I will work diligently to provide you with cohesive and consistent daily content, help you attract ideal clients, and leave you with more time to work IN your business instead of ON your business.

How It Works

·      After choosing your package we’ll discuss the tone, design, and overall mood of your brand and how it translates to your Instagram feed

·      We’ll talk about strategies that have worked for you in the past, along with the ones that didn’t

·      I’ll look over your website, blog posts, and other social media channels to see where we can pull already existing content from and transcribe them into        Instagram posts

·      You’ll send me images you’d like to incorporate into your posts. If you don’t have enough images to fill the content calendar, I will curate images from          different online sources

·      I’ll write out all content, and submit to you for approval

·      I’ll schedule all content and pair them with images that fit well with each post

Packages & Pricing

Short Takeover: 1 Month = $492

Long Takeover: 2 Months = $842

Hostile Takeover: 3 Months = $1192

All packages include:

·      1 scheduled post per day including captions and images

·      Two sets of 30 interchangeable hashtags


·      2 posts per day instead of 1 +$250

·      A third set of 30 interchangeable hashtags +$15

·      Content scheduled for one additional social media platform based on the Instagram content created +$125

·      Content scheduled for two additional social media platforms based on the Instagram content created +$200

I had the pleasure of working with Charmaine on two separate occasions. To be honest, I have no idea how I even came across her Strategic Charm Boutique - but I’m so glad I did!

I was lucky enough to win a free month of Instagram content in July - So Charmaine curated August for me. We had a Skype consult to discuss my social media struggles, where I wanted my Instagram feed to go, and the types of posts I wanted. Charmaine was prompt in writing up the content for the posts, and was quick to make any adjustments. She scheduled all the posts in the Later App, and all I had to do was hit post! I never had so many likes gained so many followers in such a short amount of time! And her hashtag game is on point!

Charmaine again rocked my Instagram content in October. I was so busy with taking evening courses and wedding season winding down that I didn’t want the added stress of scheduling posts (it is a lifesaver, but time consuming). Again she was quick to come up with content, and was very attentive as to how I wanted my profile to grow. She knocked October out of the park as well!

I enjoyed working with Charmaine so much, and trusted she knew enough about my vision for my wedding planning business, I asked her to help with my website copy to give my website a more personal feel. She provided suggestions to my page layouts, and wrote draft copies for my website. Little tweaks here and there and we were all set!

Working with Charmaine is like collaborating with a best friend. She is super friendly and personable, professional and very knowledgeable. Her ideas are endless and she’s fun to work with!
— Like A Star Weddings

Let me take your social media woes off your plate so you have more time to focus on your clients and customers.

Are you ready for The Strategic Charm Takeover? 


As a creative entrepreneur I truly believe that to get the most out of your social media marketing efforts, you need to work on building one solid platform at a time. Why not start with Instagram?

For 2 hours I want to work with you one-on-one to help you get the most out of Instagram by developing a strategy tailored specifically to your business, while providing you with content ideas that will keep your creative juices from running dry. Let me help you find YOUR audience and get YOU the results you deserve!

This service offer includes:

·      Questionnaire to determine the areas of needed improvement

·      Coaching on how to create consistent and engaging content

·      Strategy development specific to your goals

·      Content management and scheduling system development to keep you organized and on track

Honestly, promoting my photography business on social media is not my strong suit. Feeling self-conscious leads me to post way less than I know I should. My Instagram Coaching Session with Charmaine really helped give me a clearer picture of who the audience is that I’m going after on Instagram, what I want my overall Insta feed to look like, and the type of content that works well for other successful photographers. (I can share personal posts? Who knew!) So when I’m stuck and not feeling super creative, I have a formula that I can fall back on that keeps my social media game moving forward. The depth of research Charmaine put in before our Skype session was unexpected, and I love how our call was a working period instead of just a lesson on what I could be doing better. I love Charmaine and trust her to keep kicking my butt towards new Instagram posts … and new clients! I highly recommend working with Strategic Charm Boutique!
— Jaclyn Leskiw Photography

Invest in yourself and your business, and let’s work together find your audience, show them you’re the best in the biz, and convert them into your biggest fans! 


Blog Curating - $140/mo

Blogging is a great way to educate your ideal client while highlighting your products and services. If you’re struggling to find time to write your blog content on a regular basis, this package might be just what you’re looking for. With this service I’ll provide you with one blog post per week of up to 500 words. At the beginning of each month we’ll talk abut your goals and the content you’d like to share with your audience. From there I’ll provide you with four separate posts, and walla! 

60 Hashtags - $40

Hashtags are an absolute must on Instagram! They’re crucial in helping you search for your ideal client while increasing your content’s visibility. The key is knowing which hashtags are best representative of your brand, and which ones are being used by your target audience. Instagram allows for a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, and it’s always great to switch them up so you can reach more people. With this service we’ll talk about your business, your brand, and your ideal client. From there I’ll do extensive research to provide you with 60 unique interchangeable hashtags to start incorporating into your daily posts!