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Opportunities I Got Through Instagram

Obviously I use Instagram for business. Ya’ll know Instagram is my jam but if ya don’t know, now ya knoooow. I use my business profile to teach other business owners how to leverage social media to grow their business, talk about general female entrepreneurship and my passion for helping other women succeed, share behind-the-scenes snapshots of the ins and outs of Strategic Charm Boutique, and invite my audience to get to know the woman behind the biz by showing snippets of my life outside of my business.

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Celebrating Two Years in Business

In some ways I feel like these last two years have flown right by. In others I feel like I’ve been in business for five years, not because I feel like an expert who’s got this whole entrepreneurship thing down pat, but because I’ve experienced so many different things as a business owner and it’s hard to believe they’ve all taken place in only two years.

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