Opportunities I Got Through Instagram

Over two years in business and it still blows my mind how powerful Instagram is. I mean, it’s a free platform that allows you to share your message with the world in a series of photos and both pre-recorded and live videos. Did I mention it’s free? Because it’s free. Sure you can pay for ads, but all you really need is a voice, a strategy, and an audience to get your message across to and help build your brand.

Obviously I use Instagram for business. Ya’ll know Instagram is my jam but if ya don’t know, now ya knoooow. I use my business profile to teach other business owners how to leverage social media to grow their business, talk about general female entrepreneurship and my passion for helping other women succeed, share behind-the-scenes snapshots of the ins and outs of Strategic Charm Boutique, and invite my audience to get to know the woman behind the biz by showing snippets of my life outside of my business.

This may seem obvious, but a lot of my clients or Hustle + Charm Community members have found me through Instagram. (I built a business around this platform so I should hope so) They find me because I post to my feed on a regular basis (twice a day), use related hashtags to get my content in front of the right people (#duh), create content that either informs or entertains (catch me booty shaking at my desk), and show up in my Instagram stories on the regular (like, 10 times a day or more, yo!) Remember, my business IS Instagram so it makes sense for me to create tons and tons of content. If you’re not showing up on Instagram a million times a day, it doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. It’s all about finding a strategy that works for you and your audience. #youdoyouboo

In addition to my business profile, I have a personal Instagram account. And you know what, I’m super duper active on there too. I don’t post to my feed on my personal account as much as I used to, buuuuuut I’m in my stories a ton – sometimes more than I am on my business profile (if that’s even possible).

My personal account kind of serves as my online journal. I talk about almost anything and everything, and I’m not afraid to be the weirdest version of myself. Seriously...sometimes I do some really weird shit, and I’m cool with that.

Being active on both accounts have not only opened the door to new clients and community members, it has given me so many cool opportunities that feel as though they fell into my lap.

Instagram influencer

I’ve been documenting my weight-loss journey on my personal account since last August. A friend’s co-worker found my account and connected me with a local personal trainer who I was able to work with for free for a few months.

Sharing my weight-loss journey got me a free personal trainer.

Although I was happy for this opportunity, this trainer and I had our differences and we parted ways and unfortunately left on a negative note. I took my experience to my Instagram stories (didn’t name names) to talk about my experience and to let my viewers know that their weight-loss progress no matter how fast or slow is just that – progress. I went on to tag a number of other Winnipeggers in the fitness industry who would be great resources for those looking to step up their health and fitness game. One of the people I mentioned was a Brooke from My Body Fitness + Nutrition, whom I had never met personally but followed on Instagram for months. She watched my stories and offered me a chance to be photographed in her body positivity campaign. Ummm, YES PLEASE!

Sharing my experience with that personal trainer led me to be part of a super awesome body positivity campaign created by a kick-ass lady boss. (She’s also now a member of Hustle + Charm!)

I don’t know if this opportunity came from my presence on by business profile, personal profile, or both, but I was asked to walk in Winnipeg’s annual Fashion on Ice Fashion Show that happened in February. This show features models (everyday people, actually) who are seen as influencers in their community, and I was more than honoured to be approached.

Cultivating both my personal and professional brand (really the same thing) on Instagram landed me a spot in a fashion show, and helped position me as an influencer in my community.

There’s another opportunity I got through Instagram, but this is one I applied for (when I came across it on Instagram). Keep in mind, if I wasn’t doing what I was doing on both accounts, my chances of being selected for this opportunity would’ve been slightly lower. I was one of 20+ applicants to be selected as a brand ambassador for Dione Portraiture, a new photography brand focusing on boudoir.

My Instagram game help me be chosen as a brand ambassador for a local photographer, scoring me the chance to meet new women and score some sweet boudoir photos in the process.

Instagram is a powerful tool and if you’re not using it to share your story, I guarantee there are opportunities you’re letting slip through the cracks. And if you are using Instagram but you’re not using it strategically, well then...those cracks are still there, boo. If you’re ready and willing to fill in those cracks, I gotchu!

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