The Basics of Instagram Highlights

Instagram highlights are a great way to categorize and store information on your profile without disrupting your feed.

If you’re still an Instagram newbie, highlights are a collection of Instagram stories that you can organize by category. Instead of disappearing after 24 hours like your stories do, your highlights remain on your feed until you decide to delete or change them. Since introducing this feature, Instagram has been archiving your stories so you can use them to fill your highlights. So if you’re like “Man, I shared some good nuggets of info in my stories a few months back. I’d love to repurpose it” well, you can.

Whether you’re a newbie or an intermediate Instagrammer, here are some quick tips for creating and using your highlights.

Instagram Highlights

Wonder where everyone’s getting those cute little icons for their cover images from? Most of them are from Canva, a free online app where you can easily create graphics for social media, your website, booklets – the works. You can also create an Instagram story with a simple emoji right in the centre that explains what your highlight is about, and boom…cover image. Or you can create an Instagram story and just use text to label your highlight cover. So many options!

You can create as many highlights as you want, but I wouldn’t have more than 10. Your highlights should be just that, highlights. Use them to share key or timely information as opposed to showing all the things.

Update your highlights regularly. If you have a highlight that includes info about a giveaway, you’ll want to delete that info or the entire highlight once the giveaway has ended. Are you interested in giveaways that ended 3 months ago? Probably not. Neither is your audience.

You can only create highlights from content that has been previously shared in your stories. If you’re about to create a bunch of seemingly random Instagram stories for the purpose of creating or adding to your highlights, do a story first where you quickly explain to your audience that the next few stories may seem random because you’re setting up your highlights. Just so they don’t think you’re cray cray.

If you still have questions about how to create or use your highlights, comment below and ask away!