The Breakdown of Social Media Boot Camp

You know social media marketing plays a huge role in the success of your business. Social media marketing helps you share your message, build brand recognition, and build an audience where you can cultivate relationships. But how do you market yourself and your business in a way that achieves these things effectively and efficiently? It feels like everyone’s got this whole social media thing down pat and you’re sitting there like “Okay, how do I create an Instagram story?”

What people often struggle with the most is trying to do all the things. You see Sally doing a live video everyday, posting to her Instagram feed three times a day, and popping into her stories like, 50 times a day! Seeing Sally do all the things makes you feel like you have to do the same, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t! You, your business, and your target audience are unique – you need to create and implement a strategy that caters to that uniqueness in order to start seeing the results you want.

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In Social Media Boot Camp, your enrollment starts with a 2-hour private session where you and I start building a social media strategy tailored specifically to your capabilities, your needs, and your goals. You can’t buy a cookie cutter strategy online and expect it to do wonders for you.

Before we meet I send you a questionnaire to learn what your core platforms are and see what areas of social media you need help with the most. From there I create an outline for our session to ensure the topics we cover are tailored specifically to your needs. When we meet, we go through a step-by-step process to ensure we’re outlining attainable goals, narrowing down your target audience, coming up with endless content ideas that either entertain or inform, and determining best practices to utilize social media features that compliment the core of your strategy.

Two hours doesn’t seem like enough time to craft and entire social media strategy, and you’re right. This initial session is designed to help you get the ball rolling so you have tools and tactics that can be implemented right away. The rest of your strategy building will take place in a private Facebook group where you receive two months of group coaching. This is where the Boot Camp begins.

Every week for two months I’ll be going live in Social Media Boot Camp to dive even deeper into social media marketing for business. Although the Boot Camp is Instagram heavy, we will dive into Facebook, Pinterest, blog writing, email marketing, and more! As you’re watching these live trainings you’ll be able to jot down notes in your social media strategy workbook to further flush out your personalized social media strategy. And because these trainings are done live, you’ll be able to ask questions in real time and get an immediate response. The replays of the training videos will remain available until the end of the Boot Camp so you’ll be able to refer to them as often as you like.

Every two weeks, a Boot Camp recruit will be selected by random draw to have an additional 30-minute session done live in the private Facebook group. This mini session is an opportunity for you to get additional personalized help with whichever aspect of social media you choose. We do it live in the Facebook group for two reasons – 1. To help get you more comfortable doing live video 2. To allow other recruits to learn from your questions.

The Boot Camp also includes weekly challenges to motivate you to implement all of the tactics you’re learning, and to help you utilize different social media tools and features with added support. Having a detailed social media strategy is great, but it means absolutely nothing if you’re not putting plans into action.

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Social Media Boot Camp encompasses a lot, but it’s core focuses are on strategy, growth, and connection.

Strategy – Creating a social media strategy tailored specifically to your personality, your brand, and your target market. Throughout the Boot Camp you’ll learn and implement actionable tactics and processes to help reach your goals. Together we’ll get you to a place where your efforts are both efficient and effective.

Growth – It’s time to focus less on gaining hundreds of any old followers, and start attracting ones who fit your ideal client or customer. There are people out there who want what you have to offer, so it’s time to put in the work to find them.

Connection – Yes you’re a business owner who wants to make sales, but people often only buy from those they know, like and trust. Your new social media strategy is going to not only position yourself as an expert in your industry; it’s going to make you more personable and allow you to build and nurture relationships that lead to new clients or customers, collaboration opportunities, and brand recognition. 

The next round of Social Media Boot Camp runs from April 15, 2018 – June 14, 2018, and your one-on-one session will be complete by April 14.

It’s time to up your social media game! Are you ready, recruit?