International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

This day means different things to different people. From a business perspective, to me it’s a celebration of women and our ability to kick ass in life and support one another while doing it.

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I was fortunate enough to grow up in a community and a household where I never felt like I couldn’t conquer my dreamy goals because I was female. I grew up knowing I could choose whichever career path I wanted as long as I had the motivation and the determination to see it through.

A lot of different career options interested me as a kid, but I knew at a very young age that above all else, I wanted to run own my own business (or be a celebrity publicist…still a possibility!) I had a few entrepreneurial endeavors as a child – babysitters club, talent agency, and a few others that I’ve completely forgotten about. So really, it’s no surprise that I’m running my own business right now.

Through Strategic Charm Boutique, I help primarily female entrepreneurs build and maintain their online presence through blog writing, email campaigns, and primarily social media with a large emphasis on Instagram. The reason I chose to target female entrepreneurs is because I feel it’s so important to help push each other to succeed in business. I hate to say it, but we can certainly be catty to one another but we need to continue to rise up so we can reach our full potential and show the world – hey, we’re a smart, powerful, and motivated species who ban together to get. Shit. Done.

I believe it’s our responsibility to inspire one another to achieve greatness in whatever form makes sense to each individual. And just as important if not more so, it’s our responsibility to positively inspire the younger generation of girls so they can grow up knowing they too can do remarkable things in their future career and in life.

In addition to providing marketing services to female entrepreneurs, I run Hustle & Charm – a growing Winnipeg community of lady bosses who come together to share ideas, expertise, collaborate with one another, and build lasting friendships. Meeting regularly with other entrepreneurial women who understand the ups and downs you go through as a business owner makes the journey that much easier and more enjoyable to tackle. Along with a private Facebook group, we have two in-person meetups per month that are full of fun, energy, and bursts of fresh ideas that help one another move forward in business.

If you’re not part of a local group of women in business, I highly suggest finding one you can join. Not every group you come across will be the perfect fit and if that’s the case, do what I did and start a community of your own. If you’re on the more introverted side and the idea of being part of a local community terrifies you, start small and join an online community. I run one of those too and I’ve been extremely pleased about the connections made there. It’s a free Facebook groups for lady bosses across Canada, called The Hustle. Such a fun and amazing group of women.

Like I said, International Women’s Day means different things to different people, and I’d love to hear about what this day means to you. Comment below and give us the scoop!