How to Do Live Video with Your Biz Bestie

If you want to engage your audience on social media and get more eyes on your brand, it’s time to become all about that live video life. Both Instagram and Facebook favour feeds and pages of people who utilize their features, especially when it comes to live video. The more often you go live and have an audience who engages in your broadcast, the more those two platforms will put your content in front of more people on your behalf.

If you haven’t started doing live video or don’t do it often, make it your goal for the next month to go live at least once a week. Go live for as long as five minutes, an hour – totally up to you.

If going live on Instagram or Facebook terrifies you to your very core, message one of your biz besties from anywhere across the globe and invite them to go life with you. Sometimes having a familiar face in your corner can be just the thing you need to take the pressure off and become a little more comfortable.

Live Video

To go live with a friend on Instagram, first start the live broadcast on your account. As soon as your friend tunes in, you can invite them to join you live, or they can send in a request once your broadcast has started. Once they’re live with you, your screen will split horizontally with you at the top, and them on the bottom. Both of you will be able to see and respond to the comments and questions viewers plug in during the live.

As of right now you can only go live with another person organically using the Facebook app on your phone, which unfortunately doesn’t produce the best quality. To go live with your biz bestie on your desktop or laptop, I suggest using Zoom – a free online app where you can host videoconferences, webinars, and more. Once you and your friend are video chatting in Zoom, you can jump over to your personal account, Facebook page, or group and start your live video. Be sure to hit the screen share button before the live one. Screen sharing will allow you to share your Zoom screen with your Facebook audience so they can see and hear both you and your biz bestie.

Depending on the topic of your live video, you might want to choose a biz bestie from the same or similar industry as yours. This would greatly benefit you both, as you’re likely to have similar audiences, which allows you both to grow your network of ideal clients, customers, or collaborators. Choosing a biz bestie from a different industry can be just as interesting, but it would still be ideal to find some sort of common ground to tie everything in. I.e. I’m a social media strategist who could go live with a photographer and together we can talk about Instagram – me talking about written content and engagement – the photographer talking about images and creating a well curated feed.

If you’re pretty comfortable with going live on your own but still like the idea of adding another person into the mix, you can be totally spontaneous and select a random viewer to join you live, or ask your audience members if anyone is interested in joining you. This is a fun way to have added interaction with your audience and to speak to them one-on-one (while people watch).

Not sure what you and this random audience member would talk about? If you’re using live video to educate your audience on a particular topic, pull in an audience member to go live with you and get them to ask you questions, provide their own examples to further explain what you’re talking about, or ask them questions about their profession or situation as it relates to your topic.

I’ve gone live on Instagram with one of my biz besties a couple of times, and it was a blast! We both have similar local audiences so when we appeared on screen together, you could feel the excitement building.

Which dynamic duos have you seen do a joint-lives on Instagram or Facebook? Drop their names in the comments!