7 Types of Content for Your Facebook Page

One thing most business owners like most about Instagram is the large variety of content that can be shared. Anything from a product or service promo, to a snapshot of your breakfast and everything in between goes.

What’s important to remember is that every social media platform is different. Some content that works really well on one platform might not necessarily have the same impact or engagement on another. While posts about your daily workout routine or planning for your kid’s birthday party can go over well on your business Instagram account, those types of posts can fall flat and seem disconnected on a Facebook business page.

There’s still plenty of other content you can share with your audience through your Facebook page, and I’ve listed them down below so you can work these content types into your social media calendar.

Types of Facebook Content

1. Facebook Lives

Facebook favours pages that use their latest features regularly by helping increase page visibility. Use Facebook live as a way to engage your audience, provide value from your area of expertise, and to further explain your services.

Facebook Live Content Ideas

1.     General Q&A sessions

2.     Behind-the-scenes tour of your workspace or inventory

3.     Tips as they relate to your particular niche

4.     Information about new products or services

2. Videos

Like Facebook live, Facebook favours pages that upload video content. Upload videos of 30 seconds – 5 minutes that explain your products and services, offers industry tips, or answers questions your ideal clients often ask.

3. Events

If you’re hosting an in-person (open houses or wine and cheeses) or online (tutorials or Q&As) event, create an official event on your Facebook page and invite your audience to attend.


No matter who your target audience is, almost anyone can relate to funny, motivational, or inspirational quotes. Mix in different quotes as they relate to your industry or specific audience. Quotes can be shared in  text-based image or in your caption.

5. Giveaways

Host a giveaway in which one or more winners will receive a product or service you offer. You can take it one step further and collaborate with other business owners who agree to pool their offerings to create one big prize.

It’s important to note that it goes against Facebook’s terms of service to require participants to like your page or share your posts as part of their entry to your contest. Be sure to read their complete list of rules and regulation before initiating your contest or giveaway.

6. Industry-Related Articles

Notice an article on the latest trend to hit your industry or a come across a blog post full of great tips your audience will appreciate? Share a link to the article on your page. This helps to further position you as someone your target audience goes to for key information.

7. Testimonials

Sharing testimonials on social media from past clients or customers is a great way to position yourself as an expert and strengthen your credibility within your industry. It’s also a great way to promote your products and services without having to include a call to action to buy.

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