8 Things to Do After You Publish a Blog Post

Your blog posts are filled with nuggets of valuable information, are wildly entertaining, or all of the above. Either way, you’re providing content that attracts and engages your target audience. It’s easy throw up a blog post and hope for the best, but there are so many other things you can be doing with it to either get more eyes on your work, or repurpose it to create additional content.

Here’s a list of things to do to promote your blog post once it’s been posted.

publish a blog post

1. Add it into your social media content calendar.

Schedule posts on all of your social media platforms to let your audiences know you have a new post up on the blog. Don’t be afraid to share links to your blog post multiple times throughout the week depending on the platform. Twitter is a great platform for sharing your blog post 2-3 times the day it goes, and then daily for the rest of the week. When you share it on Pinterest, be sure to share it across multiple boards as it applies to each board topic.

2. Share your blog title image in your Instagram stories.

Talk about your new blog post in your Instagram stories – what it’s about, who it can help – the works. End your series of stories by sharing the title image of your post and direct your audience to click the link in your bio for the read.

3. Share an excerpt of your blog post in your next newsletter.

Give your readers snippets of key information, then provide a link to the post where they can get the full read.

Here’s a list on how to repurpose your blog post to produce additional content for other platforms.

1. Break your post down into social media posts.

Section out pieces of your blog post and use them as captions for your social media posts. If your blog post provides your audience with 10 tips on XYZ, turn each one those tips into individual social media posts and spread them out throughout the week or month.

2. Use it as an outline for a video.

Turn it into a video you can throw on your YouTube channel, or turn it into a video training for your audience.

3. Use it as an outline for live video.

Most Thursdays or Fridays I use my blog topic of the week as an outline for an Instagram and Facebook live. This is a great way for your audience to engage with you and ask questions that relate to your topic. At the end of your live, provide a link to your blog post where your audience can see your information in print.

4. Turn it into a podcast.

Use your blog post as a topic for an upcoming podcast episode. In your show notes, link back to your blog post as an additional resource.

5. Turn it into a free printable.

If your blog post is filled with tons of tips and valuable information, use that info as a guideline for a free printable resource your audience will get a lot of use out of. After you’ve created your resource, add it to the end of your blog post as a content upgrade.

You put a lot of working into writing a new blog post, so do what you can to promote it to drive traffic to your website and get more eyes on your work. And hey, there’s no reason to re-invent the wheel every time you want to share content in other places. Repurpose your blog content and share it across all your channels – it’ll look brand new to your audience.

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