5 Common Goals for Instagram Marketing

You have your own blog business. You know you want to have a strong presence on Instagram, but you can’t exactly pinpoint why.

“I like Instagram. Plus, everyone else is doing it. Isn’t that a good enough reason?”

Nope. Not if you want to be effective with your efforts.

Before you can start to build an Instagram strategy that’s going to get you any sort of results, you first need to determine what your goals are for the platform. Otherwise, how will you recognize the results are even happening?

If you’re not sure what you want to achieve by giving your brand a space on Instagram, read through the five common goals below and see which ones speak to you the most in your current situation.

Blog - September 7 IG goals.png

1. Create Awareness

The goal of creating awareness about your business seems like an obvious one, but this is more geared towards newer businesses. When Coca-Cola joined Instagram, they didn’t do it to create awareness about their business – everyone already knows who they are.

If you’ve been in business for five years or less, simply creating awareness about your brand is likely one of your top goals – especially if your brand is new to social media.

2. Grow a Large Following

Now who doesn’t want an Instagram following filled with 100k people? Having a ton of followers is awesome, but it’s more beneficial to you to have 1000 followers who like your content, engage with your posts, and buy your products or services than it is to have 100k followers who don’t give a shit about you or your brand. At that point, that large juicy number is just for vanity.

 3. Interact with Ideal Clients

Interacting with your ideal clients, customers, or readers should definitely be near the top of your list. It’s that constant organic interaction that’s going to help you achieve a lot of other goals like growing a quality following, increasing sales, and driving traffic to your website.

4. Drive Traffic to Your Website

Believe it or not, not all brands and businesses have a website. Sometimes the goal is to drive traffic to another social media channel where your brand is more present, your Etsy shop, or a landing page that either has a product or service offer, or a freebie designed to get more subscribers on your mailing list. In any case, driving traffic to your website or landing page is often what leads to your likely goal of increasing sales.

5. Increasing Sales

If you’re a business, obviously you want to make money. But that might not be your goal right off the hop. If you’re in the process of launching your business, your goal might be to build your audience first so you have someone to launch to. The whole money making thing would come after. And like I said, being able to drive traffic to your website, landing page, or wherever your products or services are available, will be what helps you achieve this goal.

There are a number of other goals you can have when it comes to Instagram marketing, but the ones listed above tend to be the most common.

Now that you’ve read through the list, choose three of the above goals that you’d like to focus on for your brand. Rank them in order of importance and make sure your marketing plan is built around your number one goal. As you’re working towards your number one, the others will naturally begin to fall into place.

Be sure to outline what it will look like once you’ve successfully achieved that goal. If your goal is to gain more followers, how many do you need in a certain period of time to be able to check that off your list?

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