How to Share Relatable Content on Instagram

When I’m having Instagram strategy sessions with clients, there’s almost always one tactic that confuses them – sharing content your audience can relate to, not just content about your business.

Of course you want to talk about your products and services. What they are, the benefit to your clients or customers, and how to obtain them. But do you really think your audience wants to hear about these all. The. Time? Let me help you...the answer is NO.

Sharing Relatable Content on Instagram

In addition to talking about things that directly relate to your business on Instagram, you want to provide your audience with content that speaks to their interests. I mean, if for some reason you’ve come to the conclusion that your audience is into the latest sex toy trend and your business is about providing entrepreneurs with financial help, then sure. Maybe talking about sex toys isn’t inline with your brand and you want to steer away from talking about them. Understandable. But if you’re a makeup artist, chances are your ideal client is interested in fashion, wedding planning, hair style trends; all that jazz. Not every post you create has to be about your newest eye shadow palette for them to be interested in what you have to say.

If you don’t have a clear picture of who your ideal client or customer is, now’s the time hash that out. If you could provide products or services to ONE person, who would that person be? Here are the blanks you want to fill in:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Struggles
  • Interests
  • Habits

As your business grows you ideal client or customer will change, and that’s okay. Here’s a look at what my ideal client looks like a of now:

Age: 24-45

Sex: Female

Location: Winnipeg

Occupation: Creative solo entrepreneur (could be more specific)

Struggles: Doesn’t know how to create and implement a social media strategy, doesn’t know how best to utilize features like Instagram/Facebook live, or Instagram stories, doesn’t have a an individual or a team of people to help with their social media efforts, rarely has time to post new content, not sure how to generate leads through social media, always on the go and doesn’t have time to do certain things effectively and efficiently

Interests: Fashion, hair and makeup trends, networking, building an empire, Netflix and chill nights, building a tribe of female entrepreneurs, travel, wine, yummy eats, making dolla dolla bills

Habits: Scrolls through Instagram to pass time and for inspiration, works out three times a week, buys things because they’re the latest trend, tries to maintain an appearance that’s put together and comfortable but not too time consuming, gets lost watching hours of Netflix, constantly jotting down new goals and ideas

Based on my ideal client avatar I’ve outlined above, there are a TON of things I can talk about on Instagram to grab their attention. In addition to sharing my knowledge of social media and promoting my services, I can create posts about fashion, self-care, building a business, travel, and so much more.

After editing or creating your ideal client avatar, look for similarities between their interests and habits and your own. Drawing those connections will make sharing relatable content even easier.

Remember, the key is to provide your target audience with content they’ll actually want to read. Yes, they want to hear about your business, but your business is most certainly not their only interest. Switch things up and make sure you’re always providing a variety of content.

If I’m posting to Instagram once a day (I actually post twice), here’s an example of what a week of content could look like:

Monday – motivational quote

Tuesday – business tip

Wednesday – self-care tip

Thursday – announce my latest blog post

Friday – fashion trends

Saturday – service promo

Sunday – something fun I have planned for the day

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