4 Resources for Free & Paid Stock Photos

The first thing most of my social media clients ask me – “where do you get your Instagram photos?”

It’s no secret that I’m not a photographer. Don’t get me wrong; I love photography and hope to develop skills in this area eventually, but now’s just not the time. While I do post my own photos once in a while, most of the photos I use to create a nicely curated Instagram feed are stock photos.

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Unsplash is a website where you can easily download high-resolution images of your choice for free! Tons of photographers submit their photos to the site and although recognition is not required, it is appreciated. Aside from it being free, one of the things I like most about this site is its search function. I can use the search engine to look for specific items (i.e. iPhone, laptop, notebook), activities (i.e. working, eating, swimming), indoor and outdoor spaces (i.e. spa, office, beach), and colours.

Price = Free

Rosemary Watson Productions

I signed up for Rosemary’s styled stock photography subscription early 2016, and I’m still using them! When I signed up for her monthly subscription I immediately gained access to 200+ images that I was able to download quickly. Her photos are great for female entrepreneurs who are looking for desktop flatlays, holiday related images, and more.

Price = $39.99 US per month

Social & Creative Styled Stock Photography

This is a Canadian company, which is great for me since almost all of my subscriptions are based in US dollars (which can get a little pricey). They were kind enough to donate 5 free images to all guests who attended the Hustle & Charm open house in May and I used them up immediately. Mint/teal is their primary colour, which matches my brand and the look of my Instagram feed perfectly! They also offer custom images and special collections like the European one they have available now.

Price = $15 CAD per month


This is another great source if you’re looking for office flatlays, food pics, and more! Although they have a paid subscription, if you’re on their newsletter list you’ll receive 7+ free images delivered to your inbox every month!

Price = 7+ free images per month if you’re on their newsletter list or $10 US per month

Do you use a photo subscription that you absolutely love? Comment below and tell us which ones are your faves!