6 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

No matter the reason for giving your blog or business a presence on Instagram, we all want followers - plain and simple. But, there’s a difference between people who want a long list of followers no matter who they are, and people who want a list of quality followers who will engage with their content, buy their products or services, and read their blog posts.

I hope you’re the latter.

Whenever I have one-on-one Instagram strategy sessions with lady bosses, one of the first things I tell them is that quality is better than quantity. What’s the point of having 50k followers if only five of them give a damn about what you have to say?

When you use one or all of the tactics below to grow your Instagram following, use them strategically so you’re attracting the RIGHT audience, not just any audience.

1. Engage with your target audience on their platform.

This is probably the most organic option of all. Of course you want your ideal clients, customers, and readers to like and comment on your posts. But are you showing love on their platform as well? Don’t claim the fame if you can’t be bothered with the fans. Seek out your target audience, give them a follow, and engage with them on THEIR platform. People are more likely to follow people who engage with them consistently.

2. Host or join a giveaway loop.

Giveaway loops are one of the fastest ways to growing your Instagram following in a short amount of time. Host or join a group of Instagrammers who are interested and willing to participate in a giveaway. Either all members contribute a tangible prize to make one super prize, or everyone contributes time or money to one thing. To enter, Instagrammers will have to follow all members of the giveaway loop, and like the post everyone puts up of the contest details. Sometimes after the giveaway is over you find that some of those new followers drop off, but in my experience a fair amount of them stick around.

3. Search related hashtags.

Take the time to actually search the hashtags you’re using on a regular basis that you feel your target audience is using as well. Go through the first 30-50 photos that pop up under that hashtag, like the ones that appeal to know, leave a quality comment on the ones that really appeal to you, and follow the accounts of the ones that super duper appeal to you. This often results in gaining a few immediate followers. Try this tactic once or twice a week searching different targeted hashtags.

4. Cross promote.

If you have a presence on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, let your audience members in those areas know that you also have a party on Instagram!

5. Host a challenge.

Hosting a challenge on Instagram that’s related to your industry or niche is a great way to gain quality followers. Twice I hosted an Instagram challenge geared towards create consistent and diverse content. Not only did I gain followers each time; I gained a couple of clients in the process. But just because you’re hosting a challenge on Instagram, doesn’t mean the challenge has to be Instagram-related. You can host a challenge on business finances, self-care, productivity, creating DIY projects – almost anything!

6. Utilize Instagram’s latest features.

When Instagram launches a new feature, they have a way of helping increase visibility of accounts whose users use those new features consistently. It may not be all that new anymore, but I still recommend using Instagram stories daily, and doing at least one Instagram live per week!

If you have any questions or additional suggestions about growing an audience on Instagram, feel free to comment below!

Oh, and if you’re in need of a printable weekly Instagram calendar to help plan your content in advance, I just so happen to have exactly what you’re looking for below!