How I Organize my Workweek with Batch Days

When you’re working for yourself it can be hard to create and maintain a manageable schedule. How many of you work off a super long to-do list and just plan to simply cross as many things off per day as you can? Probably a lot of you. And hey, I used to do that to. What I found was that although I was ticking things off here and there, I was overwhelmed by the mass list of random tasks strewn together. I’d go from writing blog posts, to having client meetings, to organizing my finances, and I just couldn’t keep up with myself.

Late last year I decided that I would batch all of my work that needed to be done, and assign different days of the week where I could do it in. I first heard about the idea of batch days from watching some fellow bosses on Periscope, and I’ve been so pleased with this method.

These change from time to time, but below is a breakdown of how I currently organize and categorize my workweek.

Blog - August 24 batch days.png

Monday – Administrative Tasks, Marketing, and Research

I like to keep Monday as a chill day where I sort through a ton of newsletters stored up in my inbox. I’m subscribed to a number of different ones and a lot of them provide tons of value that help me with different areas of running my business. I also use this time to browse Pinterest and search for useful blogs, articles, and free printables. By the end of the day I usually end up with a lot of new ways to run and market my business. I also use Monday as a time where I can tidy up my inbox, desktop files, and miscellaneous to-do tasks that need to be added into my calendar.

Tuesday – Meetings and Client Work

I used to schedule meetings willy nilly, but I much prefer only having them on certain days. That way I know I have certain days where I need to avoid making plans and running errands so I have time to meet with current and potential clients.

I also find it helpful to have certain days dedicated to client work. I love the work I get to do for my clients, but the thought of having to work on client projects every day of the week puts me off and leaves me to procrastinate. Knowing I have two days a week focused on the work I do for my clients helps put my mind at ease.

Wednesday – Meetings and Development

Wednesday is another meeting day for me. Having meeting days back-to-back helps keep me focused on current and potential clients and helps me maintain a more professional state. I.e. putting on proper clothes, putting my face on, coffee in my belly, ready to crush the day.

In between client meetings I focus on developing my products and services. These might include a free printable to help keep your Instagram game strong, an addition to a service like Instagram Boot Camp, or something entirely new.

Thursday – Client Work

Thursdays are solely for client work. If I was booked solid with meetings on Tuesday, Thursday is the day where I can catch up on the projects I haven’t completed. If it turns out to be a Thursday where I don’t have any client work to complete, I throw on my marketing hat and make a plan to book more clients so my project calendar is filled for the upcoming weeks.

Friday – Finances/Day Off

Friday is payday so that’s when I look at everything I’ve earned that week, and divide up what I’ve grossed. I have a pretty detailed system for which pockets I put money into, but essentially I divide everything up between money that goes back into the business (future expenses and savings), paying any business credit card balances, paying personal bills, putting money into my personal savings account, and setting money aside for fun stuff (clothes, makeup, and dinners out). This takes less than an hour so I give myself the rest of the day off to run errands, do something fun, or just stay home and relax.

Saturday – Content Creation and Scheduling

Being a marketing connoisseur & copywriter, you can imagine how much content I have to create for myself. I use Saturdays (well, the ones where I’m not at the beach) to write and schedule social media, blog, and newsletter content. I like to schedule things for at least 30 days in advance so there’s always content that needs to be created.

Sunday – Hustle & Charm Tasks and Catch-Up

Sundays used to just be for catching up on any miscellaneous tasks I wasn’t able to polish off earlier in the week. But since I started the Hustle & Charm community in May, I decided to incorporate those community-building tasks into the mix.

Do I stick to these batch days 100% of the time? No. Sometimes things come up and you have to just go with the flow. But having this framework helps me prioritize and categorize what needs to be done, stay productive with my time, and makes it easier to update my calendar.

I’d love to hear how you bosses organize your workweek week. Comment below and share any tips, tricks, or methods that work for you!