The Who's Who of Instagram (as chosen by me)

There’s always a party going on on Instagram, and it’s all the super cool guests who make the party “lit” as the kids say. I follow nearly 1500 people on Instagram but I’ve put together a list including a few of my current favourites.


@reidov – Not only is Reid one of my favourite photographers, he’s one of my favourite humans in general. This fellow Winnipegger is one talented cookie. His photos are breathtaking, his videos are pure works of art, and he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet!

@katwilson – Kat’s a photographer based in Vancouver, BC. Her feed is filled with so many eye-catching wedding and engagement photos; you just can’t tear yourself away!

Lifestyle Bloggers

@emilyschuman – If you haven’t heard of Cupcakes and Cashmere, where the heck have you been? I’ve been reading Emily’s blog for years, so you can imagine how excited I was when she turned some of most popular blog posts into a coffee table book. This woman’s got class, style, and the most adorable little girl!

@randomactsofpastel – Alyssa’s blog started out as a place where she can share her street art project. She would paint everyday objects in the Toronto area pastel colours as a way of bringing light to the space around her. I mean, how cute would a pink fire hydrant be? If you’re not in the market for adding another lifestyle blog to your reading list, I would suggest following her simply for the beautiful Instagram feed.

Makeup Artists

@lawrencialovette – I met Lawrencia the day Outlet Collection Winnipeg opened. She works at Portia Ella and she helped me pick out a killer green eye shadow. I suspected she knew a thing or two about makeup based on where she worked, but I had no idea she was a complete guru! With over 53K followers, I found her on Instagram in no time. I spent almost an hour she scrolling through her feed and watching her kick-ass tutorials. Guess it’s time to up my makeup game!

@ashleytiopiartistry – If you’re in the Winnipeg beauty industry, then you know Ashley! Her work always turns out absolutely stunning so you can bet she always has clients flowing in. Not to mention, her and her sister @andreatiopo are both total bombshells so if that’s not enough to attract you to her feed, I don’t know what is!

 Web & Graphic Designers

@bystinafaye – Christina is the talented visionary behind my rebrand, so you know I’m gonna give the girl a shout out! She’s kind, knowledgeable, and extremely easy to work with. She just moved into a new house recently so if you have an interest in home décor, be sure to check out her Instagram stories for updates!

@theemmaroseagency – This woman definitely has an eye for branding, web design, and style. Her feed is fresh, chic, and very well put together. Not to mention she’s absolutely adorable so you can bet I’m one of the first people to like her posts when I see her face pop up in my feed.

Curvy Goddesses

@theashleygraham – Please tell me you know Ashley Graham! She’s a fashion model who’s sexy as hell and advocates the notion that women can be sexy at any size; it all starts with self-confidence and body positivity. She has a collection of sexy lingerie available through Addition Elle, and you can bet I have a few pieces hanging proudly in my closet ;)

@sarahhhrae – I’m all about Sarah Rae Vargas these days! She’s fun, curvy, fierce, and absolutely carefree. She’s tells it like it is and isn’t afraid to call out the haters who hide safely behind smartphones. Sarah also has a YouTube channel filled with years of videos discussing sex, fashion, and everything in between!

Yummy Makers

@coalandcanary – You can never have too many candles; especially with fun scents like Crop Tops & Rain Drops, Crimped Hair & Truth or Dare, and Tropic Like Its Hot! These sweet candles are always a hot commodity around Canada and they’re made right here in Winnipeg!

@jennaraecakes – Duuuuude! If you’re a true Winnipegger you’ve been to Jenna Rae at least once! Almost everyday people line up outside and into the parking lot to be one of the first to get their sweet treats for the day. Even if you’re not a fellow Winnipegger, check out their feed for all the drool worthy goodness! Oh, and did I mention this bakery is run by extremely gorgeous twins?

Fitness Gurus

@melisfit_ - Melissa’s an LA yogini who’s all about sending out happy and healthy vibes. Her feed is filled with a countless number of kick-ass yoga poses, but it’s her Instagram stories and lives that I always find useful and entertaining!

@johanna.seier – Johanna’s a Winnipeg personal trainer who’s all about self-love and empowerment. Everyone who works with her or takes one of her classes leaves feeling absolutely incredible about themselves and motivated to keep crushing their fitness goals!

I follow plenty of amazing people on the ole Insta, but the peeps listed above are the ones I’ve been paying extra attention to lately. Comment below if you’re already following some of the same people, or if you have suggestions of accounts I absolutely HAVE to check out!