6 Steps for Participating in an Instagram Pod

This idea is still new to some, so today I’m to telling you all about a great tactic you can use on Instagram to help increase your engagement, visibility, and following…Instagram Pods!

Because Instagram rolls out changes and feature additions faster than McDonalds, a lot of business owners experience lulls in their engagement which is to no fault of their own. An Instagram pod is a group of people who have decided to help each other maintain their engagement, by liking and commenting on every pod member’s posts. This tactic can also increase your level of organic engagement, leading to higher visibility for your feed and an increase in followers.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a group of individuals who are interested in being in your pod (this can be a group of people of a similar niche or in an industry that’s completely different)
  2. Follow all members of the pod on Instagram
  3. Turn on post notifications for each member (Alternatively, you can start a group chat on Instagram with all pod members. Once you post something new to your account, hop in the group chat and say “posted” so other members know to check out your feed.)

  4. Once a member has posted something new, you’ll get a notification

  5. Go to that post and give it a like

  6. Comment on that post after you’ve liked it (Try and make your comments quality by writing a complete sentence, referencing something specific about that post, or asking an open-ended question)

Easy as pie! I don’t recommend having more than 10 members in your pod. Too many members will quickly lead to overwhelm, especially if members are posting more than once a day.

While pods are a great tactic for growing your Instagram account, there are still a number of ways to increase your engagement and grow a quality following filled with your target audience. If you haven’t seen much growth on your Instagram account in the last few weeks or even the last few months, it might be time to switch up your strategy!

If you’re looking to refresh your strategy or create one from scratch, let’s meet for a virtual coffee date and together we’ll:

·      Narrow down your Instagram marketing goals

·      Create an endless list of consistent and engaging content

·      Outline tips and tricks on how to utilize Instagram’s newest features

·      List engagement tactics to help you build your online community

·      Develop a content management and scheduling system to keep you organized and on track

After this 2-hour session you’ll leave with a plan of attack that’ll make your Instagram game a whole lot easier! Click HERE to book your one-on-one session!