4 Avenues I Use to Market My Business

There’s no doubt that effective marketing is one of the keys to a successful business. I mean, if we don’t tell people who we are and what we do, what’s going to prompt them to buy our products and services? When talking about your business, you need to shout it from the rooftops, shout it loud, and shout it in the direction of your ideal clients or customers. Okay, maybe don’t shout it.

Marketing can seem like a super daunting task. There are a million and one ways you can market your blog or business, but there’s no rule saying you have to use each and every single one. Experiment with different tools and tactics and settle on a few that are right for you. Not sure where to start? Here are 4 marketing tactics I use consistently for Strategic Charm Boutique.

1. Social Media

As someone who primarily helps bloggers and business owners with their social media marketing, this one seems obvious. But still, I have to mention it. The three platforms I use consistently to share my message and grow my tribe are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I mean, I have Pinterest and LinkedIn too, but neither platform has crossed the finish line and made it onto my core social media list.

Social media marketing is a lot of work. The key is being consistent with what you’re putting out there. Make sure your message is clear and is one that’s going to be beneficial to your followers. You’ll also want to post on a regular basis so you can stay relevant. You don’t want your followers and loyal fans to forget you exist because you’re only posting a few times a month. Find a posting schedule that works best for you. For me, I post a minimum of twice per day on Instagram (my core platform), once a day on Facebook, and 3-5 times a day on Twitter. Oh, and I schedule everything a month in advance so I don’t have to struggle to figure out what to post everyday. Saves me soooo much time throughout the month!

2. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are all the rage right now. I can’t even count how many I’m currently in. Not to mention, I just started my own a couple of weeks ago. You can learn more about that HERE.

Being in a Facebook group allows you to connect with other business owners (especially great if your business is B2B). Depending on the nature of the Facebook group you’re in, you’ll get to share the ups and downs of running your own business, look for tips and tricks on how to generate new ideas, and you’ll likely snag a few new clients or customers in the process.

When you join a Facebook group, just make sure you’re aware of its rules and regulations. Most group administrators prohibit you from popping in everyday just to push your products and services. They usually designate one day out of the week where that sort of promotion can happen, so you just have to be patient. While you’re waiting to sing the praises of your business, be sure to engage with the other daily prompts of the group, and respond to people asking for advice if you have a few helpful tidbits to add into the mix. 

 3. Email Marketing

If email marketing is not part of your current strategy, it’s probably because you a) think it’s spammy, or b) don’t see the benefit of using it for your blog or business. Having access to someone’s inbox is gold! Okay, maybe not gold. But it’s pretty awesome. If someone has signed up to be on your mailing list, it’s because they see the value in what you do and they want more of that sweet value delivered to their inbox on a regular basis. If they start to get tired of you after a while? No biggie. All they have to do is unsubscribe. No harm no foul.

When I send out weekly newsletters to my mailing list yes, there’s some promotion happening there. But what my key focus is on with these newsletters is giving value, information, and tips to my readers that help them with the operations of their business or online marketing. Giving away free information is a great way to build up that “know, like, and trust” factor that everyone keeps talking about. Keep delivering value to your readers and when they have it in their budget, you’ll be the first person they think of when they need something you can offer them.

If you know the value of email marketing but simply don’t have time to incorporate into your strategy, I can totally take that off your plate for you. Click HERE for more details!

4. Networking Events

I loves me a good networking event! A lot of entrepreneurs these days run their businesses online, so of course a bulk of their marketing seems to follow suit and happen online as well. But in my opinion, nothing beats a good ‘ole face-to-face interaction!

Every time I hear about a good networking event here in Winnipeg, I immediately put it in my calendar! Sure it can be a little nerve wracking if you’re going alone, but you’re not going to be the only one. Whenever I go to one of these things by my lonesome, I always seek out people who don’t appear to be with anyone either. It makes them easier to approach and the two of us can be nervous and awkward together.

Meeting people in person is great because you get to show your personal brand, live and in colour. I always find that the way I speak to people in person is a little different than the way I speak to them online. In person I’m a bit more laid back and I let my fun side show a little more.

Like I said, there are a million and one ways you can go about marketing your business. If you’re not doing them already, try a few of the above tools and tactics and see which one gives you the best results!

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