7 Things That Make Your Website Convert Like Crazy

Great websites are ones that work as brand ambassadors and marketers 24/7. For your business to succeed, your website needs to bring you new clients and sales. That’s when conversion comes in! Conversion is the moment your website visitor does what you want them to do. If you want people to sign up for your newsletter, they convert when they subscribe. If you conduct discovery calls, when someone books one this means a conversion for you.

1. Be clear on your offer

This one is crucial. Sometimes I land on someone’s website and I have no idea what they actually do. Sometimes it’s lack of clear description of who they are and what they offer; sometimes it’s using a language their client doesn’t understand. People hire you because they have no idea how to do your magic. Use their language and avoid any industry jargon.

Use your elevator pitch at the very top of your website. Don’t force people to scroll through your website to learn what you do. By the time they find it, they might get so frustrated they exit your site!

2. Have clear call to action

You need to decide what is the main action you’d like people to take on your page. Then make your call to action clear and easy to understand.

For me, the most important thing is to book a discovery calls. That’s why the main call to action on my website is “Book a free 30min discovery call now “ inserted in strategic places.

PRO TIP: Don’t put a Buy my course now next to the Book a discovery call. This will pull people in different directions and they might not take any action at all.

3. Use your client’s language

Use words your perfect clients use when describing their problems and offer a solution they will understand. They don’t need to know how you do your magic; they only need to see you know how to fix their problems.

When you do it right, by the time people have reached your first call to action, they’ve already related to your content and said “Yes, she gets me!” a few times in their head. Then taking an action is a no brainer.

For example: If your ideal client needs someone to help them with the content strategy, they will be searching for phrases like: how often to post on your blog instead of a Copy Wizard.

4. Portion your content

Chunky blocks of tiny text? Ain’t nobody got time for that, girl!

People often spend only up to 10 second on a page: will your headings say what you’re all about? Will people be ready to hit the button when they see it?

Break your content by using relative images (pretty desk is almost always a good choice), use your brand colours to differentiate sections, and break up the copy a bit. Don’t make them read long paragraphs: divide content in sections and use headings to guide their eyes through the page.

Think of it as of a magazine. Most people look at the images and headings to decide if they want to read the entire article.

5. Don’t ask for too much

Want people to sign up for your newsletter? Don’t ask for their first name, last name, phone number, website and how they found you. It’s just too much and it scares people off!

Be strategic about it. Be smart. There are things you wouldn’t say or ask for right after meeting someone. Ask only for the must-haves so you can start giving value and building the relationship: name and email are enough for a start.

The only place it is smart to ask for more information is your contact form. Screen potential clients and direct them to get clear on what they want from you, but don’t go overboard with that either.

Streamline your funnels and processes! Make people's journey on your website and through your sales funnel more pleasurable. If you’d like people to book a discovery call with you, don’t make them give you all their personal data, then wait for an email from you, then exchange few emails to pick a date.

Use smart technology to streamline this process: a scheduling tool like Acuity Scheduling is perfect to make this process easy on both you and your clients. They will be impressed with your professionalism, and you will have more time on your hands to do what you do best.

6. Use pop-ups wisely

Imagine your potential client have never been on your website before. They want to get to know you and learn a little about what you can offer before they’re ready to sign up for your newsletter. Don’t get me wrong, welcome mats are awesome and can increase your conversion rates. But you need to use it wisely and only offer the things that are super relevant and interesting for your clients even if they don’t know a thing about you.

Make sure people digest at least a little bit of your content before they see a pop-up so they won’t close it immediately after they see it.

There are many clever ways to make pop-ups convert:

- Try using time delay (shows your pop-up after x seconds someone’s on your page)
- Scroll percentage delay (shows it when people scroll your page by x%),
- or a feature that brings up your pop-up when someone is trying to close the browser tab

Use tools like The Opt-in Monster to design awesome popups (for Wordpress).

7. Help people see themselves in your story

Last, but not least: the About Me page.

Make sure the way you tell your story is engaging and people can relate.

The key thing to remember is that your about me page is not about you. It’s about your clients!

Just like you would speak about your experience on a job interview (and focus only on the elements relative to this job opportunity), you need to show your story in a way that’s relative to your clients.

PRO TIP: Use your About Me page as an intro to your services page. Mention what you do and how you can help and include a call to action.

As you can see there are many ways to increase the conversion rate on your page. What’s most important, though, is for you to be clear on what action you want people to take, then serve it to them on a silver platter.

Get rid of all the clutter from your page and use smart technology to make people (and your) lives easier, and I can guarantee you’ll start seeing more and more conversions every day!

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