Benefits of Getting Dressed in the Morning

When you lounge around in sweats and pajamas all day while you work, you're doing a disservice to yourself and your business.

If You Look Good You Feel Good

 If you work from home and wear pyjamas all day, the image you are portraying is ...wait for it... laziness! When you don't dress for the job, you're not giving yourself or your business the full respect it deserves.

On the other hand, when I put a look together for the day and put on a little makeup, I feel so much  more boss! When you look good, you feel good, therefore you start to confidently produce your best work. If you want to demand respect as an entrepreneur and for your brand, you have to look like you can be taken seriously as a professional.

You Never Know What Can Come Up

Getting dressed in the morning helps you get into work mode, shows respect for your career, and allows you to leave the house for a coffee run, a meeting, etc. I'm not saying you have to put on a tailored pantsuit and dress to the nines. But, keep it cute, casual, and comfortable. Make an excuse to leave the house, grab a coffee, go out for lunch, hop on Facebook live, or take a meeting outside of your home so it doesn't feel like you're "wasting" an outfit.

Most women who work from home rarely go shopping. Why? Because they feel as though they don't have a reason to. But they do! You have to go out into the world at some point, right? Be prepared! Go shopping and treat yourself to a few pieces that will make you jump out of bed, get dressed, and start your hustle towards your dreams and goals (or you can hire a wardrobe consultant, like me, to save you time and do the hard work for you). It’s certainly possible to balance professionalism with comfort all while maintaining a polished look. 'Cause who wants to be uncomfortable in their own house, right?

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe or a capsule collection consists of staple pieces in coordinating coluors, usually 30 items or less, including shoes and accessories. As an entrepreneur there are so many benefits to creating a capsule wardrobe for your busy lifestyle. It’s all about practicality.

● A capsule wardrobe is much easier to plan which makes it a great first step for those that are ready to start their wardrobe from scratch.

●  You’ll know what’s in your closet and it will be easier for you to style and coordinate looks for the week. Whether you have a meeting, you’re picking up the kids from school, or you’re packing for a conference, you’ll know what to wear.

● You’ll save money knowing you have a set number of pieces to invest in (quality over quantity) and it will decrease the chances of you making unnecessary impulse purchases.

● Less clothes = less clutter, you’ll have a clear idea of what’s in your closet so you can quickly put together a well-styled outfit, without having to think so hard about it.

● A capsule wardrobe frees you from the daily “I have nothing to wear” dilemma.

A capsule wardrobe creates more time and energy for what really matters. That means more time to work on your goals, and less time spent shopping and deciding what to wear. More money for our dreams and helping others, and less money spent on clothes that never get worn.

Create a strong personal brand with your personal style. Show the world how awesome you are with the clothes that you wear every single day.

Tori takes her vast knowledge of fashion and style and teaches other women how to define, discover, and elevate their style. She creates an easy step-by-step process for creating a wardrobe and versatile looks that tailor to her clients' lifestyle, budget, and personality. Tori B. has a unique way of changing how women look at themselves, therefore bringing out their best.