The Content Planner

In December I purchased the coolest thing I’ve ever bought for my business – The Content Planner! As far as I know, this is the very first physical planner designed specifically to help you plan out your blog and social media content. If you’re someone who likes to put pen to paper when it comes to hashing out your ideas, this planner is totally for you!

As a social media strategist I always keep an eye out for anything I think might help me or my clients with developing and implementing an effective social media strategy. I used to use an ordinary day planner and a bullet journal to write down my social media goals and a bit of strategy, but there just wasn’t enough space for everything I needed. Because The Content Planner is strictly for blogging and social media, I no longer have that problem.

I first heard about the planner from Kat Gaskin. She’s a member of the Boss Babe Network and I used to watch her weekly periscopes on the Boss Babe channel. She’s a fellow Canadian living out of Toronto and is the owner of Salty Pineapple, a graphic and web design business. Together Kat and Amber Harder created The Content Planner.

Planning and sharing your content doesn't have to be stressful. It can be simple, fun and extremely effective in increasing revenue and growing your brand.

Features of The Content Planner:

· 14 Monthly Spreads – Plan your entire year at-a-glance to optimize your content for maximum impact.

· 420 Days of Content Planning – Strategize your day-to-day social media content to grow your online brand and increase revenue.

· Weekly & Monthly Goal Setting – Write down your goals to accomplish in less time and guaranteed success.

· Reminders of Important Dates – Plan ahead for holidays and retail dates to position your brand as a trendsetter. Heck, they even have National Popcorn Day on the calendar!

· Dream Space – Map out your biggest dreams to effectively transform your wildest ideas into measurable goals.

· Two Sheets of Social Media Icon Stickers – Make planning more fun by adding stickers next to important posts.

· Travel-Friendly & Portable – Pack it easily on your carry-on to help you stay on track wherever you are in the world. Perfect if you’re all about that jet set life!

Because I write tons of content for me and my clients, it’s important that my social media strategy is clear, planned out in advance, and scheduled for a minimum of 30 days at a time. I don’t have time to stare at my phone or computer screen everyday wondering what to post. Plus, knowing that my blog and social media content is taken care of allows me to put more focus on the work I’m doing for my clients.

One of my favourite parts of The Content Planner is that it provides space to write down my hitlist – a list of accounts or businesses I’d like to connect with during the month ahead. This is great because there are plenty of times I come across businesses or entrepreneurs who I think fit my ideal client perfectly, but up until now I didn’t have a system for keeping track of these accounts. With the planner, each month I can create a new list or build off the list from the month before.

There’s also space to write in your theme for the month. I find content planning is always a much easier process when you have a theme to work around, so having space to write this down and refer to it on a regular basis has been awesome! My theme for February is…drumroll please…LOVE. Self-love, client-love, and biz-love. And yes, I love The Content Planner! Plus it’s pink so it’s right on brand for February.

The Content Planner is $59.99 US and can be purchased HERE! Once you pickup one of these babies up or yourself comment below and let me know when you get it. I’d love to see how you’ve chosen to use it!

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