11 Types of Instagram Content

Let me guess – when it comes to posting on Instagram you can’t decide whether or not to fill your feed with tons of promotional posts, or pictures of your cat? Am I close?

The reason why business owners have so much trouble creating content for Instagram is because they feel the have to choose one type of post over the other, or they simply can’t come up with enough ideas to conjure up a well-balanced mixture of content.

Well let me tell ya – your audience appreciates variety. It’s boring seeing the same thing over and over again. And if you’re not engaging your followers, I guarantee they’re not bothering to look further into the products and services you work so hard to offer them.

You’re stuck. I get it.

To get you unstuck, I’ve created a list of 10 different types of content you can share on Instagram to help engage your audience and build a loyal following.

Instagram Content


No matter whom your target audience is, I can almost guarantee they enjoy inspirational or funny relatable quotes. Share a mixture of quote images like I’ve shown below, or pair an image with a quote written in your caption.

Motivational Quote

2. Lifestyle Posts 

People want to know the person behind the brand. Write out a client avatar to help determine what your ideal client’s hobbies and interests are. If you’ve decided that your client is someone who enjoys running and you’re also a runner in your spare time, talk about how you fit running into your daily schedule or how good it makes you feel. Give your audience a chance to get to know you on a personal level.

3. Open-ended Questions

To increase your level of engagement, add an open-ended question into your caption. Sometimes your audience truly wants to engage with your posts, but they can’t find a simple way to respond to it. Make it easier but asking them what their struggles are, their thoughts on a trendy topic, or simply how their day is going.

4. Testimonials

If you’ve already begun working with clients or selling your products, ask for testimonials and share them on Instagram. This will add to your credibility and while enticing people to inquire about your offers.

5. Behind-the-scenes

There’s something really interesting about being able to see how business owners do what they do. Show your audience what you’re working on or give them a breakdown of how your produce your goods and services. This type of content is especially great for photographers, videographers, wedding planners, and make-up artists.

6. Fun Facts

Share fun tidbits about both you and your business. Let people get to know you and what makes your business unique.

7. Promotional Posts

Of course you want to actively promote your products and services. But keep in mind, just because you’re not giving your audience a call-to-action to buy something, doesn’t mean your business is not being promoted. You’re building a brand and positioning yourself as an expert, and that takes time. You need to be constantly building the know, like, and trust factor to turn followers into paying clients or customers.

8. Brand Story

Let people know the story behind your business. When you started, what made you decided to choose you niche, your educational background, what your values are, and your career goals. But hey, don’t share all this information in one post. I just gave you at least 5 different captions you can create just by talking about your brand story.

9. Video Content

People don’t share as much video on Instagram as they used to, and hey – I’m guilty of that too. To me it’s easier to put images and text together, but there’s a lot of value in video content. Video can be fun and engaging, not to mention that the use of videos on your feed helps increase your account’s visibility. You have one whole minute to reel in your audience with your video, so make every second count.

10. Giveaways

Now who doesn’t like free stuff! Giveaways are a great way to increase engagement and grow your audience, but you have to be smart about what you offer. You want to offer something related to your business or your target audience so your giveaway attracts your ideal clients and not just anyone. If you’re a fitness guru, giving away makeup might not make the most sense.

11. Feature Posts

Every week I do a Follow Friday posts where I feature a fellow lady boss. I tag the lady boss both in the caption and in the photo to increase their chances of seeing the post and increase overall account visibility. It’s always interesting to see who other people follow and why, so these types of posts is a great to increase engagement. And hey, you usually gain a new follower in the end – the lucky duck you’re featuring.

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