Things to Consider Before Hiring a Social Media Manager

I get it. Social media can be a daunting and time consuming task. You know you have an online audience just waiting to hear your message, knowledge, and who can benefit from the products and services you offer. But putting in the time and effort it takes to reach them and engage with them consistently can sometimes take time away from actually providing them with what you offer.

Enter…a social media manager.

Social media managers come in all different forms and titles, but one who provides content typically offers:

  • Written content
  • Images provided by you or a stock photo site
  • Scheduled posts

Because every social media manager is different, you need to think about exactly what type of social media support you’re looking for before you start scouting potential hires. Here’s a list of things to consider before you start your search and make the investment.

Hiring a Social Media Manager

Which platforms do you need support with?

Knowing which platforms you need support with will help narrow down your search. While a social media manager might assist with Instagram and Facebook, they might not offer services for Pinterest or Twitter.

Do you need a strategy created or do you have one you want implemented?

There may be a difference in price and project timeline if you need a strategy created from scratch, or if you already have one that needs a few tweaks before putting into action.

Do you need your posts scheduled?

While scheduling might seem like an obvious part of a social media package, some business owners prefer to have their content created and sent to them to schedule at their leisure. This is another factor that will have an influence on the price of your social media package and the project timeline.

When do you want your social media strategy to be implemented?

It takes time for a social media manager to determine your needs, become familiar with your brand and what you offer, understand your target audience, and get to know your brand voice. Not to mention the work that actually goes into writing and scheduling your content. Ideally you want to give your social media 2-4 weeks to schedule your next month of content.

Do you need images to be provided or do you have your own?

If you need images to be provided by your social media manager, there may be an added fee for obtaining a stock photography subscription.

In addition to providing content, do you want your social media manager to handle engagement?

Some business owners prefer to engage with their audience on their own, while others like to delegate this task to their social media manager. If you decide to delete this task, think about the aspects of engagement you want taken care of. I.e. responding to comments and direct messages, follow accounts in your target audience, etc.

Do you want to receive weekly or monthly analytics?

Analytics gives you updated information about your following, engagement, etc, but not everyone is interested in receiving them

How do you want to pay for services?

Social media managers have different ways of charging for their services. They charge in full, accept monthly payments, charge by the hour, or work on a retainer.

Understanding what you need will make your search for a social media manager so much easier, and will help manage expectations by both parties early on. If you know you need a social media manager but are having trouble answering all of the above questions, its okay. When you’re meeting with perspective social media managers they’ll be able to help decide exactly what it is you need and how they can support you. Knowing the answers in advance simply makes this process a bit easier and more efficient.

And hey, if you’re ready to start meeting with potential social media managers, I’m ready for ya. I specialize in Instagram and Facebook, with a larger emphasis on Instagram. The New Year is just around the corner so now’s the time to get your social media channels polished, on point, and ready for 2018!

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