My Process with Content Management Clients

Outsourcing your social media needs can be a HUGE help to your business. Having support from someone who can write and schedule posts on your behalf will:

  • Leave you more time to work on areas of your business that only YOU can do
  • Ensure you have consistent and engaging content
  • Give you the opportunity to find new clients or customers through social media
  • Ensure your social media practices are always on trend
  • And more!

One of the reasons you might not have hired a social media strategist to help grow your business is because you’re not 100% clear on exactly what they provide. For this reason I’ve decided to break down my entire process for providing and managing social media content for my clients.

Are you ready for this? Better buckle in and hold on tight!

*Role of “the Client” played by - YOU

Social Media Strategist

Step #1 – Initial Consult & Booking

· Meet in person (if you’re based in Winnipeg), on the phone or over Skype to discuss your business, your social media struggles and goals, and a little bit about package options and how the project process works

· Send you an email of package options (either pre-packaged or custom) complete with quotes and payment options based on our discussion

· After your package has been selected, I send you a contract and invoice

· Once your invoice is signed and a 30% deposit or full payment has been received, your booking is complete and the magic begins

Step #2 – Content Calendar

· An in-depth meeting to discuss details such as: ideal client or customer, your brand message and voice, products and services you’d like to focus on promoting, knowledge and value you can offer your audience, brand fonts/colours/images, the desired aesthetic of your platforms, content themes you have or would like to incorporate, etc.

· I provide you with strategic tips for effectively utilizing features like Facebook and Instagram lives, along with Instagram stories

· I send you a calendar filled with suggested topics and themes for the first 30 days of scheduled posts

· Once the calendar is approved, I update it to include social media captions and researched Instagram hashtags (if applicable)

· I send you the updated content calendar for approval

Step #3 – Images & Scheduling

· Once any edits (if needed) have been completed, I pair the written content with on-brand images provided by you or sourced from a stock photography website

· I schedule the written and visual content within the social media platform or a third-party app

· From there you can see all your completed posts and request photo edits

· Once the posts have been finalized, they’re all ready to be sent out

Step #4 – Engagement (Instagram only)

· I log into your account four times a week to engage for 15 minutes each day

· I search hashtags that relate to your business and target audience and engage with some of the posts that pop up by liking them and leaving quality comments

· I follow accounts who match your target audience and engage with likes and comments

· I unfollow accounts that are no longer active

· You respond to quality comments left on your posts and to direct messages (you know your products and services better than anyone)

Depending on how long your contract is, some of these steps will repeat month to month.

So there ya have it – my process for managing content for my lovely lady boss clients.  Now was that so scary?

If you’re ready to take leap and hand over your Instagram or Facebook content to someone who actually enjoys this pesky social media stuff, it’s time we get to work. 

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