7 Ways to Invest in Your Biz in 2018

No matter how long you’ve been in business, as an entrepreneur it’s important to always be evolving by furthering your knowledge, expanding your skill-set, and making meaningful connections with people in your industry. Working at bettering yourself as a business owner is an important key to new and continued success.

My plan is to kick ass in business next year and I bet you have a similar goal. Below is a list of smart investments of time and money you can make in your business in 2018.

Investing in Business

1. Facebook Groups  

Joining a Facebook group is a great way to make meaningful online connections. There are tons of free Facebook groups that cater to specific industries, niches, or entrepreneurs in general. These types of Facebook groups provide you with opportunities to share ideas with likeminded people, form business partnerships and collaborations, and gain new clients, customers, or blog subscribers. On average I gain at least one new client per month from the connections I’ve made in Facebook groups.

If you’re looking for a new group and don’t know where to start, The Hustle is a free Facebook group that caters to female entrepreneurs based in Canada.

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2. Local Business Communities

No matter what city you’re in, I can almost guarantee there’s at least one group or organization of entrepreneurs who meet regularly for training sessions, to share resources, or just to chat casually about the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. Joining one of these communities gives you an opportunity to make in-person connections with people in your area. To find them, start by searching to see if your city has a Chamber of Commerce and continue on from there.

If you’re a Winnipeg lady boss, the Hustle & Charm community is where you need to be!

3. Networking Events

Attend networking events in your local community. Some entrepreneur-based organizations have open houses or regular networking events that are open to non-members. Search for ones in your area and show up with business cards in hand and a smile on your face. If you’re on the introverted side, bring a friend to take some of the pressure off.

4. Podcasts

Entrepreneur-based podcasts are all the rage right now and rightfully so. They’re full of tons of great resources and information about how to become more efficient and effective with your business, how to find your ideal clients or customers, and so much more. Another great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them while you’re in the car, at the gym, or working from a remote location.

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5. Conferences

Attending a well-organized conference is an amazing experience. I’ve been to a handful of them and each one filled me with tons of knowledge, gave me an opportunity to travel (for some of them), and challenged my way of thinking when it came to different areas of my business. When looking for a conference that’s going to give you the best return for your investment, look for ones that:

· Are affordable (conference fees, travel, hotel, etc.)

· Happen at a convenient time of year

· Have an agenda filled with topic discussions that relate to your (or the future of ) business

· Have  lineup of guest speakers you want to hear from

· Provide opportunities to mingle and network with other attendees

· Look like a ton of fun!

6. Outsource

Make a list of the areas of your business that you don’t enjoy working in (social media, bookkeeping, market research, etc.) or that take up too much of your time and energy, and decide which area you’d like to outsource the most. Once you’ve picked an area, do some research to how much it typically costs to hire someone to assist with or take over that area of your business.

7. Books

There are so many great books out there written by entrepreneurs who get the ups and downs of running a business. In the upcoming weeks I’ll be posting my 2018 reading list, but until then you can find a few suggestions on Pinterest.