5 Ways to Use Instagram's Poll Feature

Have you been using the new poll feature on Instagram? I was super excited when Instagram rolled out this bad boy.

Some Instagrammers use their Instagram stories to engage with their audience and ask what they think about certain topics, which is one of its main uses as an entrepreneur. But have you ever asked your audience a question through your Instagram stories and heard crickets?

Stories are great because when people do respond to them, they’re sending you a direct message, which helps you keep the conversation and build the relationship. However, some people are too shy to send direct messages to people they don’t know, so even though they have an opinion on what you’re asking, they stay silent.

With the poll feature, you can ask your audience a whole whack of questions that are easy for them to answer with the tap of a finger. This way, they can engage with your stories while staying low-key, and you can get all the advice and opinions your heart desires.

If you’re stuck on what sorts of things you can poll your audience about as an entrepreneur, here’s a quick list to get those creative juices flowing.

Instagram Poll Feature
  1. Opinions on products and services you offer
  2. Audience location (so you can spend more time connecting with locals if they’re your target audience)
  3. How your audience feels about a particular topic
  4. Seek personal or business related tips and advice
  5. Ask about different areas of their life (as it relates to your business)

Here are a few additional things to keep in mind:

  • Yes/No are default options, but you can change them to almost anything – even emojis
  • You can only include one poll per story
  • You can vote for your own poll
  • You can see the exact number of people who responded to your poll and what their response was
  • Once you’ve submitted a vote on someone else’s poll, you can’t change it

Happy polling!