4 Pros of Running a Facebook Group

Did you know that having a Facebook business page and using Facebook ads aren’t the only ways to utilize the platform to grow your business?

If you’re in the business of trying to attract or build a community of people who have similar needs and interests, running a Facebook group could be just the thing you need to bring everyone together.

Facebook groups

As the leader of a Facebook group you’ll be able to:

 1. Bring likeminded people together.

Use your group as a space for people who share similar interests. Members will appreciate being able to form new personal and professional relationships and to share ideas with others in their industry.

2. Position yourself as an expert on a particular topic or industry.

When you’re the one leading the group, you automatically position your self as an expert on something. Share your knowledge and offer advice when members are looking for it.

3. Build the know, like, and trust factor.

People are more likely to invest in others they know, like, and trust. When you’re running your group, let your personality shine through so members get to know the real you, and offer helpful tips so they begin to trust your judgment and expertise.

4. Form collaborations.

Sometimes two heads are better than one. As your Facebook group grows you’ll be able to make connections leading to collaborations on products, services, events, and giveaways with people who have a similar target audience.

If you’re not sure if a Facebook group is the right way to go for your brand and business, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. What am I trying to achieve with my brand and business
  3. What quality advice do I have to offer?
  4. Can my knowledge be of use in a group setting?

If after answering those questions you’re still unsure, I’ve created a short list of professions that could likely benefit from running a Facebook group.

Wedding Planners – Fill your group with brides-to-be. Provide quick tips they can use for preparing for their special day, answer questions, and remind your members that if they’re looking for more hands on or one-on-one help, they can book one of your packages.

Fitness Gurus – Use your group to attract people who want to get fit. Post different tutorials that will help members use proper positions during exercise, do weekly Facebook lives where members can follow your quick workout routine from home, and be there to support people who need an extra push.

Accountants – Let’s say you provide financial strategies to entrepreneurs. Use your group to attract business owners who will benefit from your tips on saving money, investing in their business, paying their employees – the works! Anyone who needs more in-depth help will likely go to you first when they’re ready to hire someone to help with their finances.

If you’re still feeling stuck on this while Facebook group thing, I currently offer a one-on-one strategy session for you bosses looking to create or liven up your own Facebook group. Currently this session offer is not listed on my website, but you can fill out the contact page HERE if you’re looking for more information.

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