4 Benefits of Networking

I know you’ve heard this time and time again, but I can’t stress enough that networking is a fabulous way to help grow your business. Connecting with people in your industry or who are apart of your target audience is a great way to form new relationships while spreading the word about what you have to offer.

Networking can be tough when you’re on the introverted side, so it’s important to find a strategy that works for you. You might have to step a few feet outside of your comfort zone, but the quality connections you make will be well worth the trip.

Although making an effort to form meaningful connections online and in person can be great for bringing in new clients or customers, there are many other benefits entrepreneurs can get from networking consistently.

Benefits of Networking

1. New Friendships

You might be going into a networking event with the intention of promoting your business, but it’s totally possible to leave the event with a new friend. How great would it be to have a new bestie who actually gets what it’s like to run your own business?

2. Accountability Partners

An accountability partner can be similar to a business bestie. Essentially an accountability partner is someone you connect with on a regular basis to exchange goals and to-do lists. You hold each other accountable for your actions by checking in with one another and offering words of encouragement or advice to push each other forward in business.

3. New Ideas

Networking events can be the biggest source of inspiration for new ideas. Sometimes listening to someone speak about their own business leads to thinking up ways to add, remove, or tweak some of the products or services you offer. If I’m at a networking event and I run into several people who talk about how much they love using Snapchat for business, I might decide that Snapchat marketing strategies might be something I should add to my list of services.

4. Collaborations

When you’re meeting new people and learning about their area of expertise, sometimes you’ll be faced with someone whose skills complement your own. After talking further and staying connected after the event, you might decide that you and this person would both benefit from collaborating on a product, service or upcoming event.  

I’ve met a ton of great people through consistent networking, and I know you can too! Networking online is a really efficient way to form new meaningful relationships, but make sure you’re taking those efforts offline too. Looking for conferences in your area (or in another city if you’re like me and LOVE to travel), find a local organization designed to help women entrepreneurs build their business, or simply throw a few posts up on social media asking if any local lady bosses would be interested in going out for coffee or brunch. There’s always a way to connect!