3 Apps I Use for my Instagram Sanity

Instagram is a great online tool to use to market your blog or business, but there are plenty of other supplementary tools to assist you with getting the most out of the platform. Below is a list of my 3 favourite tools to make my Instagram planning less stressful.


Grum was an absolute lifesaver for me last year, and I fully intend to continue relying on it this year! Grum is an online scheduling tool that not only allows you to schedule your posts in advance; it lets you post in real time right from your desktop! As you know, Instagram is a mobile app and although you can open it up on your desktop, it doesn’t allow you to post anything unless it’s from your phone. With Grum, you can go ahead and create your images on your computer and share them immediately.

In terms of scheduling, Grum is fantastic because it sends your scheduled posts to Instagram without you lifting a finger. When I first started the boutique I was using Later to schedule my posts, but what it did was send a push notification to my phone, which lead me to the Instagram app and copied my caption to my phone’s clipboard. Yes it was easier than creating the post directly on my phone, but I still had to be near my phone to be able to send out the post. With Grum, I can be snuggled in bed or splashing around in the ocean and my posts will still go out automatically.

Another thing I like about Grum is that it allows you schedule your first comment! I always suggest using the maximum 30 hashtags Instagram allows you for each post, but having that many hashtags stuffed into your caption can make it look cluttered and turn your audience off from reading it. Sticking your hashtags in the comment section is a way better alternative as it still allows your posts to be searchable.

Lastly, Grum gives you the option of putting emojis into your posts! I’m huge fan of cute and funny emojis, so I like the fact that I can still have playful captions when I’m writing scheduled posts.


By now I’m sure you’ve all heard of Canva, but I had to add it to the list because I just love it so gosh darn much! I took a couple of graphic design courses in college, but I’m in no way a graphic designer! Canva allows you to create flawless images in only a few steps, and it gives you some pretty awesome free images to start with.

One of my favourite things about the online app is that it has templates for different social media platforms, so you can ensure the images you’re producing are the right size for each platform. Even when I’m using a square image, I still upload it into Canva before posting it Instagram to make sure the size is 100% accurate.


Followers is a free mobile app that gives you a closer look at on goings of your Instagram account. It gives you super accurate analytics about your following, which can be a huge benefit to you.

This app gives you lists on:

1.     How many new followers you have and who they are

2.     How many people unfollowed you and who they are

3.     How many people aren’t following you back and who they are

4.     How many people you’re not following back and who they are

5.     How many people have blocked you and who they are

6.     How many people have deleted likes and comments on your posts and who they are

The free version of the app only gives you insight to the first 4 items on the list, but for me it has been enough. Do you know how much of a game changer this is? You know when you join a Facebook group and members follow you only so you can follow them back, and then unfollow you immediately? It might seem catty, but this app allows you to see exactly who those people are! It also allows you to see when someone from your target audience decides to unfollow you. Paying attention to how often this happens is great because it could mean that you’re not catering to the needs of your audience, which could lead to a change in your strategy.

These three apps make a daily occurrence into my social media planning, and without them I would be lost! If you have any apps you use to help with your Instagram game, comment below and share them with us! It’s always great to learn about something new.

If you’re struggling with your Instagram strategy and you need more assistance than an app can provide, it might be time to hire a social media strategist! Click HERE and browse through a list of services from the boutique that just might do the trick.

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