4 Steps to Creating & Scheduling a Month's Worth of Social Media Content

A couple of weeks ago I used Instagram stories to give you a peek into my process for scheduling a month’s worth of social media content. The response from those stories was overwhelming, so I figured I’d break it down for you in a blog post.

Step #1 – Write 4 Blog Posts.

If you’re not blogging for your creative business, you should be! Your audience wants to know as much about you and your products or services as they can, and blogging is a great way to make that connection to them.

Before the beginning of the month, I decide on 4 topics I’d like to blog about, and write a post for each week. My blog posts go out every Thursday morning, and sometimes I have months where I need to write 5 blog posts instead of 4. It all depends on how the days of the months land, but for argument’s sake, let’s say just stick with 4 for now.

Step #2 – Copy your First Blog Post into a Blank Document.

After my posts are written and scheduled into my Squarespace website, I take the first post and copy it into a blank Word document. From there I can pull out a minimum of 3 chunks of the post that sound complete on their own, and I use those chunks as captions for both Instagram and my Facebook page. If one of my blog posts includes a list of some sort such as “5 Components of your Instagram Strategy,” I use each of those tips as 5 separate Instagram and Facebook posts, and a whole whack of tweets. Don’t forget, the fact that you have a new post up on the blog is a social media post on its own!

Step #3 – Select or Create Images to Match your Captions.

For my social media posts I use a combination of stock photos and my own photography. Most of the styled stock photography I use is from Rosemary Watson Productions. Let me tell you, her stock photos have done wonders for making my feed look profesh!

Once I’ve selected my images I pull them into Canva. From there I can make sure they are the right size for each platform, plus I can add text and a few other graphic elements if needed. Canva can also be used to make images from scratch.

Step #4 – Schedule your Posts.

Instagram is my core platform, so I always schedule my Instagram posts first. I often use the same (or at least an identical) caption for my Facebook page. From there I can break down each caption into several tweets.

For Instagram I use grum.co to schedule all of my posts. What I like about Grum is not only can I put in my caption; I can also put in my first comment, which is where I like to stick my 30 hashtags for the post. Grum also allows you to insert emojis which is super awesome. I mean, who doesn’t love a good emoji?

I’m a bit old school when it comes to Facebook and Twitter. For scheduling to those platforms I use Hootsuite. You can use Hootsuite to schedule Instagram posts as well, but I’ve heard nothing but bad things about the Instagram posts turn out, so I didn’t even bother. So far my Facebook posts and tweets come out just fine!

So there you have it! That’s how I write and schedule a month’s worth of social media content. If you have a different process for writing and scheduling your content, feel free to comment below. It’s always great to learn new tools and techniques!