5 Components of Your Instagram Strategy

If you’re having trouble growing your audience, it’s probably because you don’t have a social media strategy specific to Instagram, or even worse, you don’t have a strategy at all!

One of the main reasons you might not have an Instagram strategy is because you don’t know what it should include. What sections should it have? How long should it be? How specific should I make it? An Instagram strategy can be created a number of different ways. It really comes down to what approach is going to work best for you. Think about the different components of your Instagram account, write them down on your computer or in your bullet journal, and brainstorm how you want each of those components to look or work.

When I’m creating an Instagram strategy, I like to focus on a minimum of 5 different areas:

1.     Bio – You want to make sure you have an Instagram bio. You’ll be surprised at how many business accounts don’t! Your bio is a huge deciding factor when people are considering following your feed. If they don’t know who you are or what you do, why should they follow you? In your bio you need to include who you are, what you do, and who you help. It’s also important to make sure the link in your bio is updated so it directs your audience to your website, current offer, or latest blog post.

2.     Goals – Figure out why you have an Instagram account in the first place. Do you want to simply create awareness about your fiereceness, sell your products or services, grown an audience, or build a community? Decide what you want your main goal to be and break it down into measurable outcomes. If you want to grow your audience, how many followers would you like to have by the end of the month? How will you know if being on Instagram is helping you create awareness about your brand?

3.     Content – Decide what type of content you’d like to share with your audience. To get the most engagement with Instagram, you’ll want to share a combination of posts that educate your target audience, promote your product and services, and gives followers a glimpse into your life outside of your business.

4.     Design – Not only do people look at your individual posts, they look at your feed as a whole. Decide what you’d like the look and feel of your account to be, and set parameters around the types of images you post. If you’re going for the soft and elegant look, you probably don’t want to include too many pops of red or highlighter orange.

5.     Engagement – Planning out how you’ll go about engaging with your audience helps ensure you’re doing it consistently and with intention. Plan to seek out your ideal client on a regular basis and connect with them on their feed. Whether you carve out 15 minutes a day to do this, or an hour a week is up to you!

This is just the tip of the iceberg of creating an Instagram strategy, but I wanted to give you a place to get started. Growing your brand on Instagram might seem exhausting now, but once you get in the habit of creating a strategy and sticking to it for a good length of time, you’ll start to see the results you’re looking for and when you do, you’re going to feel amazing!

If after reading this post you’re still feeling lost about how to create an Instagram strategy, click HERE and decide how I can help you create a strategy specific to your business and let’s start making things happen for you!