How to Gain 100 Instagram Followers in 30 Days

If you’re a fierce female entrepreneur with an online audience, you know how important it is to grow your Instagram following. Having a lot of followers is great because it shows that people are interested in your brand story, and it gives you a sense of credibility. What’s important to keep in mind is that quantity is nowhere near as important as quality. What good is having 10,000 followers if only 5 of them are interested in purchasing your products or services?

Choosing a number of followers to gain in a certain number of days is less about increasing your numbers and more about getting you to really think about your ideal client on how you can get their attention. Your increase in number helps show that the content you’re putting out there is engaging.

A couple of months ago I decided to focus most of my social media efforts on Instagram, and made it my goal to gain a minimum of 100 followers per month. I’ve surpassed this goal each and every single month, and I’d like to share my tips in tricks with you. I’ve you been sitting at the same number of followers for the last week, month, or even a couple of months, follow these actionable steps and watch your audience grow by 100 followers in 30 days!

Create Daily Content.

Because of the most recent algorithm change with Instagram, it’s even more important to ensure you’re posting everyday. Like Facebook, Instagram no longer shows posts chronologically. Instead it shows posts in order of who you interact with the most. If you follow people whose posts you like and comment on frequently, their posts will be at the top of your feed when you open the app. This means you’ll want to create content that your followers will want to engage with to ensure your posts are always seen. But there’s no point wasting time trying to engage your audience if you only plan on posting a few times a week. They’ll lose interest real quick!

Every day that goes by where you don’t put your content out there, is an opportunity where someone who is targeting the very same audience has a chance to shine because they’re posting more often. If you’re not currently posting at least once a day (yes, even Saturdays and Sundays), you need to make that priority number one! Have I been posting once a day to help grow my audience? NOPE! I’ve been posting twice! If you’re already posting once a day, get on my level and add in that second daily post. It’ll increase your chances of your content getting in front of more people.

Schedule Your Posts.

You have no idea what a game changer scheduling my posts in advanced has been for me! Sometimes you’re too busy to whip out your phone, snap a snazzy photo, edit said photo, create a catchy caption, decide on all the hashtags you want to use, and create a post. We know pushing out Instagram content is important, but ain’t nobody got time to always be throwing that ish out on the fly! Scheduling your posts for at least a week in advance frees up your time to get other things done to promote your biz and work on new products and services for your clients. Looking for that Strategic Charm-level of scheduling Instagram posts? Schedule them for an entire month, girl!!!

Scheduling your posts is also great because it allows you to see all your content all at once. Really look at both the photo and the caption of your posts and see how they fit together. Can you combine them all into one brand story? Or are they all over the place and hard to follow?

Use Your Darn Hashtags

If you’re not using the 30 hashtag limit Instagram gives you for every post, you’re doing it wrong. Either you’re not using all 30 because you don’t know which hashtags to use, because you think it makes your captions look cluttered, or because you don’t know how crucial they are to connecting you to the right people!

Like Google or Pinterest, Instagram serves as a search engine. Using hashtags helps people who are searching for content like yours, find you. Make it part of your strategy to use 30 tags per post. That’s 30 different ways your target audience can find you in an oversaturated environment. If you don’t like the way adding so many hashtags makes your caption look cluttered, do what I do and put them in your comment section instead. People can still find your content this way, and it makes your caption look nice and clean.


After all, social media is about being social isn’t it! Not only do you need to create content that engages your audience, you need to engage with your ideal clients on their accounts too! Search hashtags you think your ideal client would use, and find some people to connect with. Scroll through their feed, like 5 photos, comment on your favourite one, then give them a follow. After all that activity, they’re bound to at least check out your feed in return. If they like what they see, you’ve got yourself a new follower!

Pair these steps with engaging content and you’re on your way to gaining 100 followers in the next 30 days!

There are a number of other ways you can increase a quality following on Instagram and make a real connection with your audience. If you want to narrow down your goals and create a strategy that will work for your business, click HERE for a number of different ways you and I can work together to help get you slay your Instagram marketing!