The Anatomy of Your 12-Post Story

When curating content for Instagram, you need to think of your feed as a whole and not just on your individual posts. Every part of your feed should fit into your brand story both visually, and when it comes to your captions.

Thinking of your feed in chunks of 12 posts will make it easier for you to make sure everything you’re creating is fitting together. Think of every 12 posts as one chapter in your brand story.

Now fierce female, let’s talk about the different kinds of content you’re going to want to incorporate into your 12-post story.

Direct Sell – 2 posts

It might seem like it makes sense to continuously push your audience to purchase your products or services through Instagram, but these types of posts should only make up 2 out of your 12-post story. When it is time to pitch something you’re selling, you need to remember to focus more on the outcome for your customer or client rather than sharing all the details of the offer. People want to know what’s in it for them, and that’s the information you should be sharing first.

Educate – 5 posts

Yes people will follow you if you have a pretty Instagram feed, but believe it or not, people also want to learn something from you. If you’re positioning yourself as an expert in a particular field, use your expertise to help your audience. This will help you establish a sense of credibility, which will build the trust you need before people are willing to give you their dolla bills.

Lifestyle – 4 posts

Even though you setup your Instagram account specifically to market your biz, you still need to make sure you’re including posts about yo life! Not only do people buy from people they trust, they buy from people they feel they know. Use 4 out of your 12-post story to give your audience a glimpse of what your life is like outside of your hustle. Do you take Zumba? Like to cook? Spend a lot of time at the beach? Pick a few aspects of your life you’re comfortable sharing and that you think your audience would enjoy.

Freebie – 1 post

Use your freebie to post about anything you like. If you are really pushing your webinar coming up in a few days, use your freebie to add in a third direct sale. If you’re on vacay and you’re having the time of your life, why not incorporate an extra lifestyle post into your 12-post story? The choice is yours!

See? Easy peezy! Not only does the 12-post story help you organize your feed; it helps you organize your content ideas, which I know can be a toughie.

Don’t forget, an important part of your 12-post story is your visuals. Make sure you’re selecting a combination of images, videos, and GIFs that compliment the other posts in your story.

Here’s an example of one of my most recent 12-post stories looks like.

The 12-post story is only one aspect of my Instagram strategy. There are a number of other things you need to think about when it comes curating your feed. Click HERE if you’re a fierce female entrepreneur who’s ready to work one-on-one to slay your Instagram game.