Celebrating 400+ Followers on Instagram

Last weekend I hit my goal of reaching 400 followers on Instagram! Some of you are thinking “Wow, that’s awesome! I can’t wait until I reach 400 followers” while others are thinking “Only 400? Big deal. I’m at 4K!”

Both opinions are fair, but let me tell you why I’m proud of hitting the 400 mark.

I started Strategic Charm Boutique earlier this year, and right off the hop I set up accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Periscope. I’m still active on all accounts, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to push more of my focus on growing my audience on Instagram. Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform; it’s where I live and love. Because I love it so much and because I see the value in what it has to offer, it made sense to start getting serious about sharing my brand story on Instagram. If you’re an online business owner, it’s smart to have a presence on all accounts where you can reach your target audience, but to be successful with your social media marketing, I truly believe it’s way more effective to really try to build and strengthen one platform at a time. This doesn’t mean I’m getting rid of my Facebook page or anything like that. It just means that my main social media strategy is geared towards Instagram.

Since I decided to shift my focus, it has been my goal to gain 100 Instagram followers per month, and I’m happy to report I’ve been exceeding that goal every single time! If you don’t set goals for yourself ahead of time, how are you going to be able to measure your success? If I didn’t mark down in my bullet journal that I was going to gain 100 followers in 30 days, I wouldn’t have even blinked an eye when I surpassed the 400 mark. Why? Because hitting that number wouldn’t have been on my radar; it wouldn’t have been something I was working towards. And you know what? If I didn’t set that goal for myself, I would probably still be sitting in the 300s, or even 200s. Having something to work towards motivates you take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. It helps get your ass in gear and leads to plenty accomplishments you can be proud of.

400 might seem like a small number to some, but it all depends on where you’re at in your journey. If a year from now I’m still stuck in the 400s, then sure, I might not be writing a celebratory blog post.

I know some of you are reading this and have been stuck within the same number of followers you had last month, or even the month before that, and that’s okay! Don’t worry dear boss babe, I gotchu!

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