3 Steps to Picking a Topic to Educate Your Audience On

Because you’re in the business of selling products or services, that means you’re an expert at something. Being an expert doesn’t mean you have to know absolutely everything about a particular subject; it means that you know enough about it to be able to teach it to someone who knows less.

If you’re positioning yourself as an expert, that means you have something to offer your Instagram audience; education! Of course people like to look at pretty images on Instagram, but people also want an opportunity to learn something that’s going to better their life or their biz. In addition to promoting your current products or services, and sharing different aspects of your life on Instagram, use the platform to teach something useful to your ideal client. To help you decide what you’re going to teach, follow these 3 steps:

1.     Pick a topic you’re knowledgeable in

2.     Make a list of why your ideal client would be interested in learning about that topic

3.     Decide on 3 aspects of your topic that are the most teachable


For example, I’m a social media strategist who helps fierce female entrepreneurs slay their Instagram game, so I’m positioning myself as an expert to those who don’t know a lot about Instagram marketing.

1.     My topic pick for the week is hashtags.

2.     My ideal client would be interested in this topic because:

- They’re not 100% sure how hashtags work

- They don’t understand the importance of using the 30 hashtag limit in every single post

- They want to know which set of hashtags is best used to connect them with their target audience

3.     #1. How to use hashtags to grow your audience #2. Where to stick your hashtags in each post. #3. How to choose a set of hashtags that’s right for your brand.


From there I can create a minimum of 3 posts from just one aspect of a broader topic (that broader topic was Instagram marketing if ya didn’t catch that).

Of course deciding what you’re going to teach is important, but you’re also going to want to look at how you’re going to teach those lessons. Will they be taught through an image that has a list of tips in the caption? Through a one minute Instagram video? Or through a link in your bio leading your audience to more info about the topic? Experiment with all of these methods and find the ones that work best for you and your brand.

Education is one of many different types of posts you’re going to want to share with your ideal client. If you find you’re constantly feeling stuck with what to post every day, click HERE to book a one-on-one workshop. For one hour you and I will meet over Skype with a glass of wine on both sides of cyberspace, and we’ll either go over all aspects of your Instagram strategy to determine the areas of needed improvement, or we’ll start working on creating you a strategy that’s going to get you results! Either way, there will be wine.