Social Media Train

Do you remember Hi5? When I was in grade 8 or 9 it was a pretty big deal so I decided to create an account. It was the first social networking site I’ve ever joined and I really enjoyed it. Being able check up on my friends and other classmates seemed like a lot of fun. Shortly after I joined Hi5, I kept getting emails to join sites like “Where’s Wayne”, and “Bebo”. I didn’t feel the need to join every site; the popularity of these sites was usually just a phase so attaching myself to all of them seemed pointless and time consuming. MySpace came around and my first thought was “oh great, another site people are trying to get me to join”. I was more than content with my Hi5 account and not interested in joining anything else. A friend of mine kept going on about how much better MySpace was so when I told her I didn’t want to join, she took it upon herself to sign me up. Pushy, pushy.

To my surprise I started to like MySpace a lot more than Hi5. With MySpace I was able to decorate my profile page how I wanted, and I was even able to add music to my profile so anyone who visited my page would hear some sweet beats. What came next? You guessed it…Facebook! At this point I already had two networking sites going and joining a third seemed tedious. But once again, my friend kept raving about this new site and quickly signed me up. I wasn’t happy with it at first because I didn’t like how I couldn’t customize my profile page to be filled with shimmering hearts and dancing stars, and I didn’t like the idea of having to update my “status” everyday. Eventually it grew on me and like many others, I became addicted.

From Hi5, to MySpace, to Facebook. To my surprise and probably to the surprise of a lot of other people, Facebook is still super duper popular so I haven’t abandoned it yet. Now I know back in the day I didn’t like having more than one social media account, but I tell ya, times are changing. I like Twitter because it gives me bite size information; enough to keep me in the loop but not so much that I feel overwhelmed. I love Instagram because I’ve always enjoyed sharing photos. Pinterest is my jam because it’s basically an online collage of things I want to create, clothes I want to buy, and food I want to make. I mean how cool is that?

My latest social media venture? Periscope! I LOVE Periscope! Finally launching Strategic Charm was a huge decision. I’ve been dreaming of starting this business and officially becoming a girl boss since I started university 10 years ago. What helped give me the push I needed was watching scopes (that’s what the cool kids call it) of young women in the girl boss circle who were exactly where I am not too long ago. Through Periscope I learned a lot and was inspired by many. I received a ton of great advice, which gave me the confidence to jump online and start building my dreams.

There are so many great social media channels out there, and they all have different uses for different people. You don’t need to attach yourself to every single one, but take the time to explore a few and see which ones are the right fit for you and what you want to accomplish. There are opportunities to grab and new connections to make, and for all you know…they might only be a tweet away. 

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