3 Series to Incorporate into your Weekly Instagram Content

Coming up with daily Instagram content can be tough. And yes, you want to be posting at least once a day for your Instagram marketing to be effective. One tactic you can use to make generating content a whole lot easier is the use of series.

When it comes to social media, a series can be done a couple of different ways. It can be something that lasts for a certain period of time like a week, a month, etc. Or it can be something you do on a weekly basis. Creating a series or two that you can do on a weekly basis on Instagram is great because it guarantees you have at least one post idea for that day of the week. Whether you run a blog or a small business, below are three series you can incorporate into your weekly Instagram content.


I’ve been doing a #MotivationMonday post every week for the last six months, and sometime these posts end up being my most popular for the week. Everyone can stand to use a little motivation at the beginning of the week, so create graphics around your favourite motivational quotes and share them with your audience every week. No matter what business you’re in, motivational quotes are always relatable and are a great way to kick off the week.


As a blogger or creative entrepreneur, you have the benefit of working wherever you choose as long as you have a laptop or a pen and paper. From a home office, to a local coffee shop, to the shoreline of a beach on a tropical oasis, you can push out your genius ideas anywhere! Every Wednesday take a snapshot of where you’re workspace happens to be that day and share it with your followers. Trust me, people will enjoy the sneak peek into your work environment. If you’re like me and you’re trying to uphold a certain aesthetic with your Instagram feed which might not include photos you take on the fly, do what I do and post curated photos of different workspaces you find intriguing and share them as a feature.


My #FollowFriday is probably one of my most favourite posts of the week! It’s always great to spread the love and give a shout out to someone in your industry you admire, a client you’ve been working with closely, or just someone who has a super cool Instagram feed that you think your followers would enjoy. This series is also a great way top grow your audience. If the person you’re featuring isn’t following you already, there’s a good chance they will after you’ve sung their praises. Plus, if you actually tag them in the photo and not just on the caption, you photo will show up in their list of tagged images and their followers might see it and be interested in throwing a follow your way.

Now we all know Instagram is a great platform to market your blog or biz, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you always have the time to come up with and schedule in daily posts. If you find you’re struggling to keep up with Instagram or social media in general, check out The Strategic Charm Takeover and I’ll be happy to take your struggles off your plate. Click HERE for details!