Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager

Being on social media and keeping your channels up to date can be a super daunting task, but you know you gotta do it. Social media burnout is a real thing and it could be affecting your business and overall mindset in more ways than one.

No matter which social media platforms you’re using for marketing your blog or creative business, you should be posting to each platform a minimum of once per day (at least 3 if you’re on Twitter). The burnout comes from struggling to create the perfect captions, flipping through your phone to find the right images, trying to determine what the best time of day is to post to reach your audience, keeping the links you provide up to date, responding to comments and inquiries, and searching for your ideal clients so you can interact with them on their accounts. Whew, just typing all of that made me exhausted for a second.

If you’re a solo entrepreneur, managing social media for your business is probably one of your most time consuming daily tasks, which is fine if you’re like me and your whole business IS managing social media. But chances are your business is all about providing your clients with services other than social media management, or you’re selling super awesome products. Social media might not be your thing, and it’s perfectly okay to admit it. Hiring a professional can be one of the biggest sanity savers your business has ever seen!

1. Leaves you more time to work IN your business instead of ON your business!

Working on your business (marketing, administrative duties, etc.) is of course necessary, but actually working IN your business to issue your services and create your products is the whole reason why you’re in business. The more time you get to spend working on the heart and soul of your business, the more successful you’ll be.

2. Helps you stay on trend with social media as it grows!

We all know social media is changing everyday. Heck, it seems like Instagram has been rolling out updates every few minutes! Part of a social media manager’s job is to stay on top of these changes while figuring out how new rules and features can be best used to YOUR advantage. They also have a strong knowledge on what works better on some platforms than others. For example, did you know that while using as many hashtags as allowed on an Instagram post (30) is great for connecting you with your target audience, using them on Facebook has very little benefit?

3. Gives you insight on which platforms are most effective for your business!

No, your business doesn’t need a presence an all social media platforms, and a social media manager would be there to tell you that! Somehow we’ve created this mindset that the more social media channels we put our business on, the more business we’ll receive in return, and that’s just not the case. A social media would analyze your business goals and determine which platforms would be most effective for you, and which ones would be a waste of time. DON’T. WASTE. YOUR. TIME!

4. Helps you stay relevant and consistent!

To stay relevant on social media, you need to be consistent both with your messaging, and your frequency of posts. Your messaging isn’t about saying the same words over and over again. It’s about always coming from a place of authenticity and providing value to your audience; something your social media would help you understand and execute consistently.

Hiring a social media manager can be scary, especially if you’ve never hired anyone before. You struggle with which manager to choose, what social media-related tasks you’ll hand off to them and how to delegate, and most importantly, you struggle with spending the extra dough. After all, you’re in business to make money not spend it, right?

Anyone you hire to help with the daily operations of your business is not an expense; they’re an investment. They’re an investment that will help generate a higher return for your business, not to mention your sanity! I mean think about it, how much of a load off would it be if you didn’t have to worry about what photo to share on Instagram today, or which hashtags will connect you with the right people, or how to write a caption your audience will actually respond to? Can you imagine to freedom you’d feel?

That freedom is the exact reason I launched The Instagram Takeover two weeks ago! I’m part of a number of online communities where entrepreneurs get to share their stresses and success surrounding their business, and one of the main stress factors that comes up continually is staying on top of social media.

The Instagram Takeover is designed to relieve you of that social media burnout so you can focus on other areas of your business. You’re smart, powerful, talented, and you’re building one heck of an empire! But I bet even Wonder Woman needed a little bit of help.

If you’re ready to ditch the burnout and step into social freedom, click HERE and let the Takeover begin!