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The 12-Day Dime Sale is designed to get you the social media help you need at affordable prices before the New Year.

A dime sale is an initiative where a product or service is offered starting at a lower rate that increases with pre-set increments as the products or services are purchased. For example, an item regularly priced at $100 might start off at $10 and go up in $2 increments each time it’s purchases. I.e. The first person buys it for $10, the second buys it for $12, the third person buys it for $14, etc.

The dime sale will run from Thursday December 7 – Monday December 18, 2017, and there is one service and one product offered for this sale.



social media boot camp


The New Year will be here in a blink, which means it’s time to put a plan in motion to FINALLY get your social media platforms on point in 2018!

Ensuring your social media platforms are cohesive both in aesthetic and messaging is key to building a recognizable online presence for your brand. Having a detailed strategy in place will help you reinforce your goals, help you build and engaged community, and keep your tactics on track.

If you struggle to come up with engaging daily content, have no idea what Instagram hashtags will get your content in front of the right audience, have a hard time mustering up the courage to do a Facebook live, can’t seem to grow a following of your ideal clients or customers, you need to become my newest recruit!

Your enrolment in Social Media Boot Camp first starts with a 2-hour one-on-one intensive.

 2-Hour Initial Session

Together you and I will:

  • Outline specific goals linked between Instagram, Facebook, and the success of your business
  • Get specific on your ideal client or customer
  • Learn how to create consistent and engaging content
  • Create a guideline for the desired visuals of your Instagram feed and Facebook page or group
  • Discuss tips for utilizing features strategically (lives, stories, archived posts, post notifications, etc.)
  • Review a checklist of engagement tactics to help build your online community
  • Talk about how to let your personal brand shine through
  • Decide on a content management and scheduling system to keep you effective, efficient, and on track
  • And more!

In addition to your private session, your 3-month enrolment includes:

  • Access to a private Facebook group for Social Media Boot Camp recruits
  • Weekly Facebook live trainings on different areas of Instagram and Facebook to strengthen your strategy
  • A printable social media calendar to plan out your content in advance
  • Monthly checklists to keep you organized and on track with your strategy
  • Goal-setting worksheets that will give you a clear focus of your efforts
  • Social media challenges to put plans into actions and to grow your online tribe
  • Networking opportunities with other lady bosses
  • Social media updates and tips for utilizing them strategically
  • A new content calendar each month filled with content ideas for each day
  • A chance to participate in a bi-weekly hot seat where you and I have a 30-minute session done over Facebook or Instagram live
  • Blog content creation tips and strategy


Goes up to the regular price of $897 CAD (approx. $708 US) on December 19, 2017

Dime sale price starts at $390 CAD (approx. $308 US) and goes up in increments of $10 with every booking.

The Booking Process

  1. Click the “Enrol in Boot Camp” button and complete the contact form
  2. Sign the booking agreement and view invoice
  3. Submit your payment through PayPal or e-transfer
  4. Gain immediate access to the Facebook group
  5. Fill out a questionnaire to determine your specific needs
  6. Schedule your 2-hour session

*At the end of your 3-month enrolment you’ll receive a 30-minute audit and tips for moving forward with your social media strategy.

It’s time to invest in your business and use your social media game to help further your success!

Investment as of December 12 = $410 

The IG Game Plan


Mastering the art of effective Instagram marketing can be tricky. There are many different features to utilize; tons of ways to create brand awareness, and different tactics you can use to grow your own online community. But just because all of these working parts can be tricky to figure out at first, doesn’t make it impossible. All you need is a game plan and you’ll be an Instagram guru in no time!

The IG Game Plan is a DIY printable workbook that will take you through the process of narrowing down your goals, and outlining a strategy that you can start putting into action immediately!


In addition to goal setting, The IG Game Plan will help you work through:

  • Narrowing down your ideal client/target audience
  • Planning endless content ideas including ones you can use for Instagram lives and stories
  • Creating a visual guideline for the look and feel you want your feed to achieve
  • Coming up with an engagement strategy to help you stay on top of communication with your followers and target audience


Goes up to the regular price of $97 CAD (approx. $75 US) on December 19, 2017.

Dime sale price starts at $10 CAD (approx. $8 US) and goes up in increments of $5 with every order.

The Purchasing Process

1.     Click the “Buy Now” button

2.     Submit your payment through PayPal

3.     Receive a link to download The IG Game Plan

If you’re ready to finally run your Instagram account so it doesn’t run you, you’re going to want to snag The IG Game Plan!

Investment as of December 12 = $20

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